Keep pressure on McGuinty government

by Bill Irwin, Owen Sound Sun Times
In your recent article on the Armow Wind Project Mr. Duncan said that the community was shocked and outraged, that they felt betrayed and exploited by the wind turbines companies. I think the lion’s share of the folks in rural Ontario feel exactly the same way but more so by the Ontario government than by the wind companies.  These wind companies have millions of dollars at stake and they are willing to say or do whatever it takes to try to make these projects happen. This includes giving out misleading information, telling half truths, outright lies, gag orders, etc. After all of this we would have to be pretty gullible to believe a thing they say.

There is huge opposition to these wind turbines and another ploy these companies are using now to try to put down this opposition is to let on like these projects are going ahead regardless of whether the local communities want them or not. The idea of this being that the opposition that they’re getting will feel that there’s no use fighting it anymore if it’s going to be pushed down our throats anyway and that there’s nothing we can do about it. The wind companies are letting on like these are done deals because they want you to give up hope but this isn’t necessarily so.

I think it’s very important to keep pressure on the Ontario government and to let them know that we aren’t going to stand for having these wind turbines forced on us. It would be a huge mistake to sit back and do nothing because we feel that it is too late to do anything about it now. In the recent election rural Ontario voted against the McGuinty government big time because we have had to suffer the consequences on their actions so far.

It’s pretty obvious that rural Ontario is saying no to these turbines and rightly so. It is probably the biggest fiasco that has ever happened in Ontario (and all with your tax dollars). It is my hope that with a minority government in place that the opposition parties will step up and do as they promised to do and force the government to put these decisions back in the hands of local governments. Hopefully these just weren’t empty election promises. We’re depending on them big time to stop the McGuinty government from running roughshod over rural Ontario.

Bill Irwin Southampton

6 thoughts on “Keep pressure on McGuinty government

  1. You are right, Bill. We need to remember that for every one of us, now that we have spoken and elected our rural representatives, we need to keep up the pressure. It is our responsibility to keep in touch with our MPP’s newly elected to represent us. It is our responsibility to keep in touch with our local council members as well and give them the feed-back and support so they in turn can exert ways and means still open to them to protect the health and well being of their citizens as they are mandated to do. Many of us had become complacent about local elections and taking enough interest and participation in our local, provincial, and even federal affairs. Sometimes an issue comes as a tipping point and we are realizing that there is no easy way. The responsility is ours to accept.

    Come and support the concerned citizens at the Great Western-Governor’s Inn on Tuesday, December 13th, 4-8 pm, located corner of 21 and Durham St.

  2. Just received an answer to complaints sent to the company wanting turbines in our area. They did not answer my questions and act as if it is not their fault but the government’s fault for passing lax legislation. They quote studies which have nothing to do with wind turbines and their effect on rural populations and expect us to believe them. They have no morals, ethics or integrity. They need to be stopped!

    • People use Crown land for cottaging, hunt camps, fishing, hiking, geocaching, camping, birdwatching, canoeing, logging, etc. Crown land also comprises many provincial parks, conservation reserves and sensitive habitats.

      No, let’s not put the damn, useless, expensive, ungreen “windmills” anywhere, period.

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