Disgusted by the CAW in its patronizing treatment of this community

By TROY PATTERSON, Shoreline Beacon
For a labour union that prides itself on a history of negotiation, touts the power of democracy and the freedom of the public (and its members) to actively protest against what they feel is unjust, the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) are playing the hypocrites when it comes to the turbine it plans to erect in Port Elgin.  The CAW stands to gain nothing but infamy by forcing this turbine upon the Saugeen Shores community and a municipal council that wants nothing to do with it, especially the people who will have to live by it, or look at it every day. If they believe the financial write-off they hope to gain from the sale of the electricity from this turbine is worth more than the opinions of the community that hosts their Family Education Centre’, they’ve shown that loud and clear. Read article

8 thoughts on “Disgusted by the CAW in its patronizing treatment of this community

  1. Hi from Toronto. Port Elgin has my complete support in this matter. The CAW should be ashamed of their behaviour toward your community.

    The LIberal Government’s Green Energy Policy is the root of the problem. Do you think the turbine, which will not be used directly for the education center, would ever be built without the inflated prices in FIT? How many turbines would be going up without the subsidies provided within GEP?

    I also want to applogize residents of this city who helped re-elect the Liberals. In the past I probably would have supported them but chose to vote for a different party because of GEP.

  2. This is a perfect example of union leadership associating its members with the Liberals and swallowing it’s green energy propaganda verbatim.
    Yesterday at the retirees luncheon Mr. Lewenza was extremely agitated when questioned about his support of this turbine wanting to know was the person asking the question “part of the Pt. Elgin gang and how did you get in”? Well 35 years of union dues and an invitation got me in. Mr. Lewenza responded turbines cause no harm and was told he’d accepted the Liberal rhetoric whereupon his aid whisked him away astensibly to catch a plane to Ottawa.
    So citizens of Pt. Elgin, keep up the good work. He hears you.
    It’s sad to realize how much auto-workers money is being wasted.

    • Many people are not huge supporters of unions … they tend to consider them a part of working life and, as such, must be tolerated even when the public is inconvenienced.

      Public opinion of unions in general and CAW in particlar, aided and abetted by the Port Elgin wind turbine debacle, which is now getting coverage on MSM, will surely begin to tip towards the negative.

      I don’t understand how this isn’t blatantly obvious to CAW. Maybe they have some kind of iron clad agreement with the Liberals, or unbelievably, maybe they just don’t care.

    • Just take a look at the picture of ken Lewenza here.. Reminds me of a bloody dictator, shaking and pointing his finger at the masses !! The union bosses of the depression era used to act like that…, rule by intimidation..The schoolyard bully, if you will..He sets a good example for unions, doesn’t he?? Not very professional..The people of Port Elgin have to work above that type of mentality on this, and it’s nice to see he’s rattled… The pressure on the CAW to scrap this project is only going to hopefully intensify…As time passes, I’m sure there are CAW people who live and vacation in this area that have no idea this is going on(yet) and when they do,, !!

  3. I am all for collective bargaining. I am all for good wages , decent benefits , holidays and reasonable worker protection. Without people making a decent wage , businesses cannot survive. And every good contract has the benefits filter down to non union jobs through simple competition. So I really don’t understand why anyone would not support collective bargaining.
    Has any product that has had manufacturing shifted out of country because of union wages been any cheaper with emerging nation labour ?
    But this IWT on CAW property is being put there to sell the product to everyone that goes to the facility.
    IWTs and the cost of alternate energy is destroying our economy and putting all our manufacturing jobs in the hands of emerging nations.
    Without jobs , we cannot pay taxes to support our social services , buy homes , cars , appliances etc.
    IWTs take those jobs away .
    The jobs created by IWTs require our taxes…we have to be working to pay those taxes. That’s what happened to Portugal and Greece..the alternate energy sector has sucked the entire countries economy dry to the point that countries cannot bring in enough taxes to run the country properly.
    Very , Very, Foolish of CAW union heads… they are supporting an industry that will destroy everything everyone has worked for since Hoffa.
    Think what you will about Hoffa , but without him…we wouldn’t have a day off.

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