McLean’s Mountain on Manitoulin Island 60-day comment period *~30 turbines*

EBR Registry Number: 011-5195
Proponent:   McLean’s Mountain Wind GP Inc.
This proposal is for a new Renewable Energy Approval by McLean’s Mountain Wind GP Inc, proposed to be located in the Municipality of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands, Ontario. This is a Class 4 Wind Facility with a total generation capacity of 60 MW.

10 thoughts on “McLean’s Mountain on Manitoulin Island 60-day comment period *~30 turbines*

  1. Having these turbines put onto McLean’s Mtn would truly be a tragedy – our family cottage is not too far from the Mountain. It would truly be the end of the beauty of Manitoulin

  2. I am considering unsubscribing from this link – I had no idea how many beautiful Ontario areas were being ruined, and it is truly a sad thing to read every day. How pathetic that people voted for this pathetic, billion dollar waste. These structures will remain long after the greenhouse scam has been exposed and the accumulated debt will be paid for generations.

    • The OLD plan was to use FITs and the NEW PLAN is to use “Bond Financing” for renewable enrgy projects. Sucker Ontarians into guaranteeing that Wind Bonds will be paid off to intice investors into buying these kinds of bonds.
      It’s Ontarians tax money that will be used back these bonds.

      • An interpretation of “Bond Financing”

        Mr Green enjoys driving his Hummer from his home in suburbia to his job in downtown Toronto, especially now that the Toronto Transit Commission has decreased service on many busy routes so fewer buses get in his way. Now that the new Mayor has killed it, he won’t have to worry about traffic jams caused by construction for the Transit City plan. Mrs Green thinks that small cars are too confining so she just leased a Lincoln Escalade for running her errands.

        The Green family is very concerned about global warning. They have a contract with Bullfrog Power for their home. They like to vacation in places like Costa Rica to learn more about the natural environment.

        Mr Green has just found out about the amazing investment opportunity of wind bonds. Just think … his family can help reduce greenhouse gases while increasing his portfolio! He is planning on calling his broker to discuss his options.

        PS. I live in Toronto.

      • Green Bonds Ministerial Summit 2011,from the UN to Wall Street and the world, at NYC Sept.24,2011. Featured Attendees include:
        Bryan Fenne, VP NextEra
        Michael Garland, CEO Patern Energy Group
        Monte,Kwinter, Ont. Investment & Trade Council & Parliamentary asst. to the Ont. Min. of Economic Development & Trade
        Michael Polsky, CEO Invenergy

    • Wyatt…Knowledge is power. United , no corporation , no government , can stand up to a united group. I too wish I didn’t know what I know. But if we don’t stand together and stop this corruption and PR brainwashing , who will ? And then if this works , what else will be tried on your kids ?
      The manipulation , the spin , the out and out nontruths has been unconscionable.
      The tax dollars that have gone to “grooming” Ontarians is outrageous. On a false economy , that benefits a very small group and wipes the rest out financially. If we don’t stand , what will happen to the next generation? Just the lies about health issues when they have known right from the beginning there were health issues. We cannot let these ##### win.
      One thing is true our entire future is at stake. And we cannot allow that kind of future.

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