Senator Doug Finley: “Perhaps they should import Prince Philip”

Senator Finley

By Daniel Pearce, Brantford Expositor
SIMCOE -Mayor Dennis Travale has criticized local wind turbine opponents for aligning themselves with Six Nations residents on the issue, calling it a “bad decision” in a tweet on his Twitter feed. “People against windmills are trying to use the First Nations to support their cause. Bad decision!” Travale wrote the day after a dozen Six Nations residents in traditional headdress showed up in the chambers to support a deputation by Clear Creek resident Stephana Johnston who lives close to a set of turbines. Read article

17 thoughts on “Senator Doug Finley: “Perhaps they should import Prince Philip”

  1. Equality of persons is foremost democratic right. First McGuinty divides Ontario into rural vs urban, then this Mayor even more heniously divides persons in his council chamber. Shame on those hypocrits portraying themselves as representing democracy and in the next breath pit one person against the next.

  2. Senator Finley , you have insulted people of Norfolk, Haldimand and Six Nations with your uneducated comments and you also go as far as insulting Prince Philip .
    your sir should resign

  3. Bill Monture has it 100% correct…The treaty rights the first nations have with the government are carved in stone, and for the government to try to circumvent that could prove to be a huge mistake..Mayor Travale could soon find that out, ..As Mr. Monture said, we ALL have to stand together as one, if we are to protect and keep this country from collapsing due to the policies of a government to enamored with their own importance to give a damn about the rural community…..

  4. Prince Phillip may be an elderly man, but,, he’s no dummy.. he’s well educated.. He obviously has studied the IWT situation, and has said what we’ve known all along. They’re a bad deal Period !!. Perhaps, we Should recruit him !!!

  5. He called for natives and non-natives “to stand shoulder to shoulder” to protect the environment.

    “We need to come together as one to fight this,” said Monture. “If there’s any difference between us, it’s done, it’s in the past.”

    Right on!

  6. Each person who energizes the next, on this website and in their home towns and cities, to do “what is right for all other Canadians, to life up those who have been harmed and to support those who are being threatened” are made of the moral fiber this country was built on.

    From the First Nations, to the 3 and 4th generation families, and to new Canadians ……we will not let our democratic rights be “stomped on” by an industry that has lobbied its way into every level of OUR GOVERNMENT. Each of these politicians needs to have a strong reminder that it is the young men and women of our forces who have ensured their and our freedoms and democracy. Each of these spineless politicians needs to “stand up”

    and remember this is Canada a place of social justice for all and not just a place where politicians or senators get a job and forget who fought to provide them the opportunity to govern or forget who voted for them into a job of governance.

    Lets all be in Queen’s Park on Dec 1 ,2011 and show McGuinty it is time for him to stand up and vote for the return of local democracy.

  7. I am always amazed when a senator has the temerity to criticize anybody. These people have real jobs, senator, not cash for nothing. Nothing? I’m sorry, I’m sure you worked the system hard to cultivate the contacts necessary to latch on to this gravy train.
    There have been hard feelings between First Nations and other residents – anything that brings them together should be applauded.

  8. It was wonderful to see Johanna supported as she spoke. Thank you, Mr. Monture, for caring! For so long, I felt like we were screaming in the darkness. It’s heartening to see your support.

  9. Finley was a hated Tory hack when he worked there. If you are really interested in the reasons for the fracturing of Conservative support across this Country (which has spilled over to this Province as well) look no further than at guys like Doug Finley. I have watched over the last decades as these socially inept and morally bankrupt, middle level intelligence hacks (he was the king of ’em) gained control of a party in disarray and milked it for everything they could get.

    Unable to secure a seat for himself in the political arena (at least one that is not assigned to him), he can say nothing of interest or importance and should be dismissed by any thinking individual as a blowhard and a kook.

  10. Senator Finley needs to clarify his statement. His wife, Diane Finley, is the Member of Parliament for Haldimand-Norfolk and a Cabinet Minister. She does not reply to correspondence received from the victims of wind turbines in Clear Creek in Norfolk County. We could certainly use their support and any statements they would be willing to make in this fight that we wish we didn’t have to fight. But both Finleys have been conspicuously silent on the issue. And now Senator Finley has the audacity to comment on the “PR” strategy of the victims! This is extremely inappropriate and disrespectful; he should save his breath for commenting on the substantive issue. Victims, who have been battered for three years by the wind turbines near Clear Creek don’t have the energy to be concerned about “PR”. We’re fighting for our lives! Not to mention the fact that reps from the native community chose to attend the Coucil meeting last week, on their own, to support the cause, not to be a part of the Norfolk victims’ PR strategy. Mayor Travale’s comments are equally as bizarre. Does he believe that natives can and are being “used”? (his words)

    Travale and the Finleys should not be let off the hook for this one..

  11. Shame on the Senator and Mayor both for insulting and demoralizing the victims once again. Is it any wonder people are afraid to speak up when these so called leaders and role models are so horrible to them? How dare they concoct a story that the victims are anti wind and have engaged Six Nations help. I am sure it was Chief Montour’s decision to attend.
    To be labelled anti-wind when you are forced from your home is despicable behaviour.

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