Kawartha Lakes Council calls for wind studies, 2K setbacks

By Lisa Gervais, Lindsay Post Reporter
KAWARTHA LAKES – The city has called for a moratorium on industrial wind turbine development until the effects of low frequency noise and vibration are known. At the very least, it wants two kilometre setbacks, not the 550 m now being recommended. Energy Farming Ontario and wpd Canada are proposing to build a combined 15 industrial wind turbines in the former Manvers Township. The moratorium and setbacks were just two recommendations in a sweeping resolution passed by the city Tuesday, following a deputation from Manvers Wind Concerns. Read article

15 thoughts on “Kawartha Lakes Council calls for wind studies, 2K setbacks

  1. Highlights:
    Councillor Luft “The province knows best. Saving the planet is the most imprtant thing”.
    Councillor McGregor “The province is not always right”.
    Councillor Yeo “I am bound by the Municipal Act, not the Green Energy Act”.


  2. I agree that industrial turbine projects should be managed on the municipal level. 2k setbacks are very reasonable.
    I don’t think forest or sensitive terrain should be cleared for turbine installation.
    I do not agree with Mr. Ried’s statements at the deputation.

  3. IWTs are being installed in Ontario as a money maker and will be a burden on all rural Ontarians no matter where they are placed. Rural Ontarians are expected to host these usless machines so that carbon credits and “green” bonds can make a few people filthy rich.

    • Plenty of people are more than willing to say they are saving planet earth if they can make some big dollars out of saying this.

    • IWT are a burden on every single resident of Ontario. Rural areas DO have to deal with the physical effects but everybody pays for it in power bills (plus HST!) and taxes.

  4. If they can’t get the IWTs installed it will be the end of the money making machine.They don’t dare try to place them in urban areas.
    Rural Ontarians are just collateral damage in this money making scheme that is laid right on the backs of rural people.

  5. So is there a moratorium, or does the CKL now act in an advisory capacity for these projects?

  6. The city cannot block turbine development, which is what a moratorium suggests. What has been achieved exactly? There are enough acres of under productive and marginal grazing land in the CKL that might be eligible for turbines, instead of developing on part of the Moraine. It’s always good to stand up to big government and big business, but this could be CKL’s opportunity to establish new and badly needed technological industry. There’s a reason our university and college bound kids leave the CKL and never come back.

    • Technological industries/studies have always been associated with universities and large industries in urban areas or university towns. These are gathering sites for researchers and where the money and resources are concentrated.
      Financial resources for research are too scarce to spread around in small towns in rural areas.
      Wind and solar technology is now in Asia so can’t be competed with here. If students are interested in non-agricultural technology they must go to where this kind of work is being done.

    • If somebody living in the city wants to work at a farming job, they have to drive to the countryside to find the agricultural land.

      If somebody living in rural Ontario wants to work at a “technological industry”, unless they can do the job online, they will have to commute to the industrial facilties in urban areas.

      It is unreasonable to expect to keep children, who want high paying jobs, from leaving CKL (or anywhere else), by bringing the mountain to Mohammed.

  7. 2 km is not enough. People will still be negatively impacted…
    I am !!!!
    All taxpayers will continue to be ripped off by the wind scam.
    Plain and simple… turbines are a scam and don’t belong anywhere.

    • You said it Me!
      Plain,simple,to the point. IWTs are totally useless, extremely harmfull and belong nowhere on the planet, period!!

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