McGuinty to listen on Tory MPP’s wind farm bill

CTV News TORONTO— Premier Dalton McGuinty is promising to listen to a Progressive Conservative who wants to restore local powers to oppose green energy projects.  Tory Todd Smith has introduced a private member’s bill that would give municipalities more say over new wind and solar projects. He says many of the projects are being built over the objections of local residents.

McGuinty says he’ll listen to see if there’s anything his government can do to strengthen the program and ensure that communities feel they have a real say.

But he says it will also be very challenging to secure international investment if every Ontario community has different rules on green energy projects.

Smith says the bill would remove a section of the Green Energy Act that stripped municipalities of their decision-making powers.

He says he’s hoping the New Democrats and some Liberals will support the bill, because many of the municipalities they represent are clamouring for the change.

Even if both opposition parties support the bill, it may never become law.

The minority Liberals still control which bills come up for third and final reading, and may decide to block it even if it passes second reading.

13 thoughts on “McGuinty to listen on Tory MPP’s wind farm bill

  1. If the fiberals decide to block the third and final reading, it will be their death knell.. International investment will definitely be hard to secure,, not because of the municipalities being able to control their own destinies, but because the fiberal green energy act is putting the price of electricity so high,,nobody in their right mind would sure as hell want to come here!! They just don’t get it !!!

    • Well Sparky, I can’t believe that they don’t get it. Big-city people, maybe so, because our media and especially the two largest Toronto newspapers have done nothing to inform their readers. But the politicians, they are just too cowardly to admit that they screwed up royally and now they are looking for a political out still that lets them satisfy their friends in the green industry who are just milking the subsidies, our taxes. They make all the
      right noises to appear flexible and reasonable…so long as nothing really changes.
      Meanwhile the evidence piles up everywhere on earth: wind turbines are a useless and expensive scam. Something’s got to give and let’s hope it’s soon as we’re going broke. But don’t expect the Liberal geniuses who cooked this up to make an about-turn.

      • We need to welcome of all Ontario to the debate. Comments blaming big city people do not help, educating them does.

        Our targets are those that stand to make money or a point by erecting IWT.

  2. McGimpy is hell bent on making this his success,even though it will destroy Ontario. This guy is nuts and cannot see it the way it really is. there is way to much riding on this to stop. like a train at full speed with a broken track just a few miles ahead. i cannot see this lunatic backing off. My only hope is to see if Torontoians put on their thinking caps and see what the hell is going on here and push this prick out of office the sooner the better. He is a nut case

    • McGuinty’s Ontario………………

      Going forward together into the Big Black Hole of Debt caused by Green Energy.

    • Some people of Toronto do think. What can be done to educate more?

      • Some do think but most don’t concern themselves with the whinings of rural Ontario.

        One comment I heard: “so, I see the Conservatives were elected in Hicksville … “.
        That comment came from a professional engineer who once ran for Mayor of Toronto.

        Good luck, BarbG, turn it around if you can.

  3. At some point McGuinty has to get that rural people value the natural landscape and that is the only reason they choose to live without much of the benefits of urban centres. To put up concrete structures which are harming human and animal health, devalue property and take away the quiet quality of rural life, is just wrong and disrespectful to the rural way of life. At some point the lying Wind Energy push will end; people will see through this corporate welfare and greed and will know this liberal government didn’t care about them but rather were in bed with the $$ being funnelled into their bank accounts.

  4. McGuinty controlls the house agenda. Presumably he can let the bill be introduced, listen to the debate, and sidetrack it so it never comes to a 3rd reading. I can’t see him allowing a 3rd vote.
    Is this scenario correct?

    • Yes,can’t afford to lose control of IWT installations in Ontario and how quickly they can be installed.

      • The GEA is the main component driving the
        green energy scam. Legitimate local input
        and control would create chaos for the wind
        industry. Is McGuinty going to let this happen?
        Not a hope in hell. McGuinty’s idea of ‘the
        community feeling they have a say’ would
        probably be to increase the phony public
        consultations from 2 to 3 meetings.

  5. Returning some control to municipalities won’t help unless they are given more tools than they had before the GEA. We were struggling to get them to be brave and provide setbacks of 450m then. Most were going with the Planning Depts recommendation of 400m. Some even used 350m.
    They were very aware that anything beyond 450m could end up in an expensive OMB hearing that their lawyers and precident told them they would certainly lose. The developers have a far greater war chests and expertise at this than individual municipalities do.
    We need to be very careful about what we are asking for here and be sure we get the tools that can provide safe setbacks, control of numbers and adequate reneumaration for various losses. What we had before the GEA didn’t provide for that.

  6. How about building an industrial turbine smack in the middle of a community less than 100 metres from homes, cottages and businesses. Yup. Even though it doesn’t comply with provinical legislation and is against the planning policies of local council which clearly said NO to it, or health and safety regulations that prompted the 550 metre setback, the “CAW Corp” is buidling it in Port Elgin as I type . . . . . The Corp’s bully CEO, Ken Lewenza, and McGuinty are in bed together so it’s not surprising the silence from Ontario’s dictator premier and ALL of his officials on this legally and morally indensible case is deafening. Oh yes, did the Corps bother to tell residents? No. We found out a week ago when the building permit was issued. All CAW members/workers who cross the community centre’s protests are no better than the scabs they so decry.

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