Bill to give Municipal Governments a Voice in Green Energy planning process

Steve Clark, Leeds-Grenville MPP   Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark is welcoming the introduction of a Private Member’s Bill by his Ontario PC Caucus colleague MPP Todd Smith to restore local municipal control over green energy projects.   Smith, who represents the Eastern Ontario riding of Prince Edward-Hastings, introduced the Local Municipality Democracy Act, 2011 in the Ontario Legislature on Monday, November 28.  Read article

10 thoughts on “Bill to give Municipal Governments a Voice in Green Energy planning process

  1. All these frigin acts on acts from our public servants.. All acting on acts to act upon there slave controlling acts. Here is my simple act you do not harm your bosses act. Plain and simple.Another act is stop wasting our money act and actually do some good. Put those acts in and act fast.,or we will act with our own bill with a fee schedule for each day living next to these dam windmills. lets say $150 or more per day for each person living within 10 kms. this would be a nice notice of understanding act.

    • “Hodge podge ” across Ontario? That is exactly what Industrial Wind Turbine development looks like in Ontario. A bunch of industrial machines strewn about rural lands, making up next to nothing for electrical production for our grid.
      All Industrial Wind development has brought to Ontario is civil unrest.

      • All back door deals with absolutely no future gains and and a legacy of rotting components. Absolutely ludricous. Civil unrest to say the least. Investment he says…Gd putz!

    • Mr. McGuinty!
      aka ‘Big Boy’ in pajamas!

      He’s creating jobs! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  2. Looks like he’s going to listen just like I did when my kids asked for something that I wasn’t going to give them. LIsten then say no.

    • All while he keeps waving his hands around… he is subconsciously saying “dont come to Ontario”. Waving real investment off with high electricity prices…..somebody seach him for a crackpipe. This green pipe dream is hurting real people.

  3. Near the end of his interview on You tube he says he wants his province. Talking like a dictator, let me explain something,you do nor own me or the province your a scammer. Leave and see if you can help Libya they could use you there. Beat it.

    • Ontario has a unicameral form of government so there is no senate for checks and balances. Any majority government can then become a dictator between elections.Successive majority governments of the same party can really lead to a dictatorship.

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