West Grey council eyes wind development

By Don Crosby, Owen Sound Sun Times
West Grey council wants to be ready to deal with a wind energy development that is quietly progressing without further public input or consultation with the municipality. “Right now we have some indication that NextEra may be going forward with their proposal which we saw two years ago. But from a municipal standpoint we’re no further ahead or haven’t had any more information from NextEra really than what we had two years ago,” Mayor Kevin Eccles said during a committee of the whole meeting on Monday.  Read article

6 thoughts on “West Grey council eyes wind development

  1. [excerpt] NextEra Canada is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources LLC of Juno Beach, Fla. The company operates approximately 85 industrial wind turbine projects in 17 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces with more than 9,000 wind turbines that produce 8,300 megawatts of electricity. In Ontario eight company projects have received OPA approval.

    QUEEN’S PARK — When Dalton McGuinty created the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) in 2004, his then Energy Minister Dwight Duncan promised it would not become a “massive bureaucracy” that increases families’ hydro bills, saying instead it would depoliticize Ontario’s energy sector. Today, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak said it’s clear Dalton McGuinty has failed to keep any of these promises and called on him to scrap the OPA.

    Get Rid of the OPA!

    • What are you doing Mr. McGuinty?

      The Samsung announcement comes on the heels of Premier Mr. McGuinty’s revelation that he might sell off Hydro One. He has no mandate to privatize Ontario’s electricity system and in fact promised “public power” in the 2003 Provincial election. On Sept. 5, 2003, Mr. McGuinty said, “Deregulation and privatization hasn’t worked and we can’t go back there. I’ve drawn a lesson from that. Number one, we’ve got to keep Hydro public.”

      Is the Green Energy and Green Economy Act (Bill 150) –
      “Ultra Virus”?
      p.s. NextEra goes anywhere where the market is ‘deregulated’

  2. NextEra is a sneaky company and do the bare minimum required. Demand public meetings/consultations. Read their REA (Renewable Energy Application) and don’t let them get away with anything. They assume we are all stupid and will sit back and do nothing! Kick NextEra out!

    • IWTs are money machines just like slot machines are money making machines. Machines are used to make money as this is their purpose to begin with.
      The purpose of installing IWTs in Ontario is to make money period. But rural Ontarians objected to being used to make money and so the Green Energy Act was enacted to force these money making machines onto rural Ontarians. Put this whole money making scheme right onto the backs of rural people and so what if there is collateral damage caused to them and to wildlife.

  3. Maybe NextEra only needs to consult with George Soros now?

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