Queen’s Park Rally Pictures

7 thoughts on “Queen’s Park Rally Pictures

  1. Queen’s Park rally is opportunity to drop in at MOE EAAB at 2 St Clair and familiarize ourselves with staff. i.e. like ask to see complaint file for wind farm near you.

    SOS. need assistance. pls see Samsung Wind Coming to Armow comment below.

  2. Reading comment above: The first Open House of the Armow project within the Kincardine Township will be held at the Best Western-Governor’s Inn on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. (I assume this is in Kincardine.)

    Word has it that Samsung put on a Christmas party for landowners who signed up and gave out TVs etc. Personally, I make it an absolute to NEVER purchase anything Samsung and I wouldn’t want it even if it were ‘free’. Turbines the landowners signed up for are extra large. Unless it’s stopped, greedy and oblivious landowners will soon learn there is nothing for ‘free’ and drag their poor neighbours down with them.

    Protest for Queen’s Park is heating up.

  3. Sorry I can’t be there…. have my child home from school because he was up to all hours of the night… we always wonder if it is the Talbot turbines affecting him. We keep praying that others will not have to live like this.

  4. Time to get the e-mail blitzes going so your voices will be heard at MOE.

  5. I left my new BILL as fee schedule today for living next to these parasites they call wind turbines. Since they did not pass the bill in Queens park which I kind of knew it would not I thought I should pass my own bill.

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