Bill 10 defeated. NDPs and Liberals deny local democracy.

December 1, 2011: The question having been put on the motion for Second Reading of Bill 10, An Act to amend the Green Energy Act, 2009 and the Planning Act, it was lost on the following division:

AYES – 32 
Arnott, Bailey, Barrett, Clark, Dunlop, Elliot, Fedeli, Hardeman, Harris, Hillier, Hudak, Jackson, Jones, Leone, MacLaren, McDonell, McKenna, McNaughton, Milligan, Munro, Nicholls, O’Toole, Ouellette, Pettapiece, Scott, Smith, Thompson, Walker, Wilson, Witmer, Yakabuski, Yurek

NAYS  – 45
Albanese, Armstrong, Balkissoon, Bartolucci, Bentley, Berardinetti, Best, Bisson, Broten, Cansfield, Colle, Coteau, Craitor, Damerla, Delaney, Dhillon, Dickson, DiNovo, Flynn, Forster, Gravelle, Hoskins, Jaczek, Leal, MacCharles, Mangat, Marchese, Miller (Hamilton East–Stoney Creek), Milloy, Moridi, Murray, Natyshak, Orazietti, Piruzza, Qaadri, Sandals, Schein, Singh, Sousa, Tabuns, Takhar, Taylor, Wong, Wynne, Zimmer

41 thoughts on “Bill 10 defeated. NDPs and Liberals deny local democracy.

    • We all know why they did not vote. Besides they knew the bill would be defeated before the vote took place hence no need to show. Great change rarely takes place quickly. This is still a good day for the cause. Maybe this story although not directly related may cheer you up.

    • Why were there 5 PCs who didn’t vote? Am I correct?
      Seems this is the same as a no vote.

    • The switch in the early 20th century from DC to AC killed the sale of the early EVs. Batteries work on DC and as long as EV owners could charge just about anyplace there was a market for EVs. After the switch to AC, EV owners had great difficulty charging their cars. No need for public charging stations back then with DC readily avaiable. Today’s EVs require changing AC back to DC to recharge. It was not greedy oil and auto manufactures who killed the EV. This why subsidies are required to sell EVs now. Where can you charge them?

    • Same 5 that I noted. MPPs had the opportunity to stand up for rural Ontarians and too many would not do so.

  1. From CBC News September 22, 2011. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said she’s not convinced wind turbines cause health problems but said communities should have more say in where the structures are placed.
    “The government cut out community voice and rushed the project, we now have all the backlash,” she said.

    I find it very ironic that 2 weeks before the October 7, 2011 election Horwath wants Ontario communities to have more say in regards to IWT’s. When the opportunity arises 11 NDP’s voted with the Liberals against the Bill and 6 did not bother to vote on this Bill at all.
    Those who voted against the Bill: Armstrong, Bisson, DiNovo, Forster, Marchese, Miller, Natyschak, Schein, Singh, Taylor and Tabuns.
    Those who could not be bothered to vote or were too “busy”: Horwath, Vanthoff, Gelinas, Mantha, Prue and Campbell.

    Thank you to all of you who took the time to go to Queen’s Park today. Thank you to PC Leader Hudak and his team for putting this Bill forward.

    • People WILL remember these people…I don’t know how these people can sleep an night , .. Must be a terrible thing to have no conscience…….

  2. It certainly goes to prove where the NDP loyalties lie. They believe in top down government. All their promises: concerns for communities, concerns for citizens health, etc. are now proven to be lies. Thank you pc members for keeping your promises and at least trying. The wheel shall turn.

    • Would expect nothing more from the NDP. The party that wants everybody to be equally sick fustrated and impoverished. Only thinking of the boob rae years in Ontario makes me feel kind of like now. War going on in Rural Ontario and they duck and run and Andrea goes awol. Can’t even face the vote.

  3. Has history taught us nothing?? Rural Ontario as a minority cannot ASK and expect the urban majority who hold power over us to restore democracy. We cannot SUE and expect the courts who are appointed and paid by those who represent the urban majority to restore democracy.

    We are a minority in this province. We will always be a minority. Our voice is getting weaker with every election.

    Democracy will be restored not by asking or suing…but by FIGHTING. Until we are ready to engage in activities that inconvenience the latte-sipping urban majority we will continue to be second class citizens in this province.

    And for those of us who think that the Conservative party will save us…I suspect we are delusional. Like any other political party….they will soon realize that for them to ever gain power in Ontario they will also need to cater to the urban majority.

  4. 32+45 is not a full house. We got a few slackers or fence sitters, pardon me, but I’ve coined the term the “No Damned Principles Party”.

  5. Taras Natyshak, MPP for Essex (NDP) is an urban hypocrite who is supposedly representing a rural riding. In a recent article about upset homeowners having solar panels in their neighbourhoods:

    Windsor Star: Newly elected NDP MPP Taras Natyshak, who won’t be sworn in until Oct. 27, said he’ll be raising the issue in the legislature at the first opportunity.

    “This type of set up should be in a rural area, not in a town,” he said. “It’s plain wrong and not fair. Homeowners need some compensation at least.”

  6. Again we face the defeat from the organizations that are closely tied to each other that will not let go cause honestly there is way to much invested in this crime against all Ontarians with this scam and indeed it is a scam. Court case after court case and calls and writing and begging and demonstrations in Queens park lead to dead ends and reason being the man in charge is a dictator to his reckless ideals that cannot fulfill the peoples needs but his mentally derange views and to sell it to the sheepies (The green Torontoians) and fill the pockets of rich mobsters corps, allowing this reckless act of harming the rural folks.No love just hate in their tiny brain. Who wants a representative to work for you when they act this way. He needs to be thrown out of the rural Ontario ,he has no business with us as he clearly demonstrated with this Green energy act,this act should be dealt with by now together as one rural Ontario society and thrown out. THIS IS OUR BACK YARD AND OUR SOCIETY no dictators allowed.

    • FACTS, are you suggesting that rural Ontario needs to form a new separate province?
      Rural & northern Ontario with its vast natural resources has plenty of financial resources to do this.
      Suppose that the first step would be to circulate petitions to find out what people would think of an idea like this?

    • Dalton McGuinty was in Ottawa for an anti-bullying event and so Ottawa-area MPP Lisa MacLeod was in Ottawa too as she is the lead on the bullying “file”.

  7. Money talks and b—–it walks.Wind turbines but no jobs.London to windsor everything in between dead zone.Thanks Mr hudak for presenting this bill and shame on all you city folk so eager to sell out your fellow country men that acually live amongst these 400ft eye sores.My dad used to tell me you can only kick a dog so many times and he will bite!!! well watch out Mr mcguinty!!!!


    • The CAW jobs are going to be slowed due to increased vehicle production in foreign countries and governments are trying to create an artificial demand for EVs produced here. The thousands of charging sations are not there to supply the infrastructure needed to support sales of EVs
      Back in the early 20th century everyone had DC current in their homes and businesses. So it was no problem to charge EVs. This created a demand for EVs which is not here today with AC power in use. EVs were and are today nice cars. But market is needed to sell them. The early EVs did not need subsidies to sell them. They were desirable cars.

      • Thats not what i mean . The CAW wants the wind farms because so many of the members are out of work .It is not just cars that involve the CAW . These factories will be under the umbrela of CAW once people start to build Turbines .The Liberals took a Bilion Dollars from the Feds in a deal to produce these turbines under job creation in return the HST was implemeted by the province so when you remove all the BS thats what a billion dollars buys and quebec just made the same deal .How do you like your HST

    • Industrial jobs are jobs auto related or not. China may end up making the IWTs as it can be done there cheaper.Products cannot be sold if there is no market for them. An artifical demand has been created for IWTs and also EVs.

  9. I was part of the 30 or so from Amherst Island who were waving signs and cheering on the Conservatives that addressed the small crowd. When our bus pulled in, I expected to see the parking lot full of anti-turbine people. Because we were early, I continued to anticipate that the buses would eventually roll in. It didn’t happen. Perhaps there wasn’t enough time to get organized?

    The comment about Michael Prue not bothering to vote was not true. He came out and spoke to some of us after the vote. He had abstained because he supported Todd Smith’s motion and refused to vote with the rest of the NDP’s who supported the nay majority.

    • I wonder if any of the other NDP members shared the same opinion as Michael Prue.

      As far as four of the Conservatives are concerned, who knows where they were?
      Frank Klees? … after slinking back to the Conservative caucus, he’s likely still trying to find a way to get his tail out from between his legs.

  10. The PC’s knew going in that it was going to get defeated, so why did they bother? 1. To throw a bone our way for supporting the PCs. 2. Make the NDP look bad (I’m glad Prue at least came out to talk to people after)

    One consequence however is to further entrench the view that we’re just a bunch of PC supporters and shouldn’t be taken seriously. This plays well with the likes of Tabuns. It’s getting more and more difficult to reach the people we really need to convince that IWTs have nothing to do with green energy.

    We’re stuck preaching to the converted.

    • Convoluted, twisted, ridiculous rationalization. The NDP sold us up the river.

      Give it up, Keith.


    • Rural Ontarians now know which MPPs think that giving back local control should be done. This is no longer speculation.
      Those who did not vote do not want the electorate to know where they stand on IWT issues.
      PCs without any excuse for not being there to vote sent a NO message to rural Ontarians.

    • I’m curious. Do you have trouble with the science?

      Harnessing wind energy could help us achieve that goal, but ONLY if the energy produced is somehow stored so it can be used when needed; such as in a battery bank. That is not happening.

      That is you — right?

      Have you done the math (arithmetic actually) to determine the efficiency of pumped storage?

      So you support wind power — big deal.

  11. The NDP members were whipped to support the Liberals. If the NDP objectors had been in the house and voted with the Torys they would have been in trouble with Horvath. Peter Tabuns is behind it all. You should research when he was a city counciller and the Chair of the Board of Health in Toronto. If I remember correctly he tried to ban hamburgers or something like that. The story was that restaurant owners got together and got somebody with a similiar name Peter Tobin? to run against him in the next municipial election. The other Peter got enough votes that I think it was Pam McConnel beat Tabuns. Soon after he appeared at Greenpeace.

    • Only one NDP had the courtesy to let rural Ontarians know why he voted no. The rest of them do not even think that rural Ontarians deserve an answer for why they voted no. This is utter disdain and contempt for the feelings of rural Ontarians.

      • And Mr. McGuinty was at a anti-bullying rally in Ottawa. How ironic is that!

      • Orangeville Banner, Dec.2,2011,
        Chris Bently said shorty before the vote. “We’re not prepared to accept the patchwork approach. That will simply stop all the projects”
        The present Ontario Parliament has rendered an OFFICIAL NO to rural Ontarians to be heard or to present information to them regarding IWT issues. Rural Ontarians views have been totaly rejected.
        It seems that rural Ontarians have exhausted all lawful means to present their information and views to all levels of the Ontario government during a period of ~ 6 years.

  12. Where were Chudleigh, Klees,McLeod, Miller and Shurman and what if anything what were they doing? If the house is sitting should they not be there, if not deduct a days pay!!!!!!!! Rural Ontario will remember their names.

    • Mc Leod was at the same rally that McGuinty was at in Ottawa.

  13. Are they not suppose to be at work in the Legislature? That is what they are paid for, not doing yet another photo-op at a school. Lets keep the politicians out of our kids schools. Interesting observation, Laurael Broten Lives on the shores of Lake Ontario in her McMansion, lets place wind turbines in front of her place.

  14. Why did the Northern Ontario NDP members not vote?

  15. I agree with Johana, Essex caved to AIM and we have too many turbines too close to many homes.

  16. Johanna:

    That could have been a post from me. Does this mean that now you will leave the NDP and support the PC party as well? 😉

    How could we agree on so much? 😮

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