Brooke-Alvinston wind farm approval appealed

by Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
The Ontario government’s approval of a four-turbine wind farm near Watford is being appealed. The appeal of the Zephyr wind farm project was filed by the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group and the province’s Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) has scheduled a preliminary hearing for Dec. 15, 10 a.m., in the council chambers at the Lambton County buildings in Wyoming.  Read article

4 thoughts on “Brooke-Alvinston wind farm approval appealed

  1. Four turbibes involving a $22 million project! How much energy can be expected from the $22 million project “investment”? Time to stop this insanity.

    • This enormus financial burden will be laid on the backs of all Ontarians leading to rising energy costs ,energy poverty ,job losses, loss of property values. In addition there will be all the environmental damage.
      It might be possible to mitigate IWT health issues but the rest of the problems caused by IWTs will remain.

  2. With the amount of money mentioned here I suspect there will be more than the 4 mentioned… Wind companies have a way of doing that… forgetting the “extra” wind turbines, or exagerating the numbers of jobs. I guess we’re all used to that.

  3. Nicely written article. These turbines are on the south side of the town of Watford. This town has just recently acquired Canada’s largest dump to the north of them. Surrounded by well populated farms lands, Dalton McGuinty has completely ignored the people both rural and in town.

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