Wind farm protest at Queen’s Park

by Siobhan Morris, 610 CKTB News
Wind development opponents are rallying at Queen’s Park this afternoon.The demonstration comes as Progressive Conservative MPP Todd Smith introduces a bill the party says would restore decision-making power to municipalities on wind farms. PC leader Tim Hudak tells 610 CKTB News, the Liberals’ Green Energy Act has robbed municipal councils of that power.

The Niagara West-Glanbrook MPP doesn’t believe the province knows best, local councils do.  Hudak can’t understand why local officials should have a say on roads, zoning, even where hot dog stands go—but not massive wind development.

The mayors of Wainfleet & West Lincoln turned up for the rally at the legislature.

A $550-million dollar wind development is set for those communities.  Together, Niagara Region Wind Corporation & ENERCON Canada plan to put 77 turbines in Pelham, Wainfleet, West Lincoln & part of Haldimand County.

The project would also see ENERCON build 2 factories in the region to build the turbine components.

7 thoughts on “Wind farm protest at Queen’s Park

  1. This is the first of many, many Wind Farm Protests….and Protests against McGuinty corrupt, oppressive Green Energy Act….

  2. Yikes!
    [excerpt] A private member’s bill to give municipalities more say in wind development was shot down at Queen’s Park Thursday in a 45-32 vote.

    Look on the bright side.
    At least now we will know – who voted against the bill.

    I can’t wait!

    • The list of for and against should be posted on this site, then we can focus email and twitter to educate the yes voters.

    • Agreed… Those people that voted against it better start looking for another job, IMHO.. The movement against IWT’s is growing, quite rapidly it seems.. ….The Fiberals STILL have the blinders on !!!Pretty soon this province’s landscape will be completely and irreparably damaged if this goes on……

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