Turbines Spark High Voltage Debate in Armow

A wind farm near Kincardine will virtually double in size. And it’s not just the Armow Wind Farm that’s growing larger. As CTV’s Scott Miller reports, so is opposition from its future neighbours.

4 thoughts on “Turbines Spark High Voltage Debate in Armow

  1. I do not know why tower operating companies do not ‘come clean about the ipact of sound emissions from their installations.
    The indications are that the undoubted adverse reactions felt by some observers are linked to both the level of fluctuation in the emissions as well as the overall magnitude of the (largely inaudible) sound produced.
    Fluctuations are reduced by any increase in the number of rotor blade passes of the support towers. This can be achieved by increasinmg the number of towers, or increasing the number of blades. Fluctuations are also damped by the masking effect of wind noise so it is a welcome sign that the operators propose to regulate the power output to reduce noise output.

    The audible sound is another matter but that should be capable of regulation by planning controls.

    Oh why, oh why, does the industry assume that we are all opposed to these schemes when the real issue is the lack of openness with research into thei effects. Perhaps the industry has something to hide, or perhaps the secretiveness is just the natural reaction of lawyers to possible opposition.

  2. Perhaps it’s time for rural Ontarians to decide their own destiny as it now very obvious that no help will come from Queen’s Park. Local control over IWT issues will not be returned to rural Ontario.

  3. Well, well, Jutta
    You’ve finally come clean. You said it yourself, turbines are about money, money and more money–millions I think you said. Green energy and solar panels be darned it’s MONEY. IWT’s in Germany have been placed where no one lives and the wind always blows. So I wish you godspeed as you travel to this (to you anyway) most welcoming environment. I’m sure you’ll feel right at home amongst them and won’t need to burn fossil fuel on the campaign trail..

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