Ontario’s wind farms a make-or-break opportunity for Bentley

by Adam Radwanski, Globe and Mail
Around Queen’s Park, it’s a poorly kept secret that Chris Bentley has ambitions of one day succeeding Dalton McGuinty as leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.  Now, in what might be the toughest job in the provincial cabinet, the newly minted Energy Minister faces a make-or-break opportunity to prove his political chops. And his ability to navigate one issue in particular, in the months ahead, will go a long way toward showing what he’s made of.  Read article

12 thoughts on “Ontario’s wind farms a make-or-break opportunity for Bentley

  1. To Adam Radwanski re sharing the profits from windmills locally. You can’t put a price on your family’s health. You could, however, cover the cost of lost property value for those of us who have chosen to move. If Chris Bently would make the wind turbine companies cover that cost , as they are required to do in the States, he might gain some rural friends.

  2. [excerpt] Mr. Bentley, who’s known for his cautious streak as well as his ambition, could easily be paralyzed by such an unenviable task. But then, it’s only a preview of what he could expect if he ever wound up in the Premier’s office.

    Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!
    The good part is – he’s a criminal lawyer!

    p.s. McGuinty shuffle?

    • I think that should be changed to…
      “the good part is – he’s a criminal.”
      For every day that these politicians allow people to be tortured in their own homes by the effects of industrial wind turbines, they deserve less than criminals.

  3. Mr Radwanski dosen’t appear to know that FIT programs are being replaced around the world by “green” bond financing. Just another scam in Ontario to make people think that the government has done a good job by eliminating FITS. Where have you been Mr.Radwanski?

    • Indeed, Mr. Bently might succeed Mr.Mc Guinty in the old small province of Ontario with its broken down industrial base without any natural resources and poor as church mice while a new Canadian province is situated just to the north.
      North America has a history of large land tracts being divided into smaller political units. This is not unusual and it is not illegal. It’s not that difficult but it does take time.

      • Very true, the North has all sorts of opportunities.
        There are a lot of miners that dont see the possibilities of the products up there,just waiting for added value.beggers belief that they don’t see it….and the skills are on the door step……..
        Province of Northern Ontario and Province of Southern Ontario

        Iwt’s will not figure in either potential provence,so they still need to go away,dead or alive!

  4. Radwanski is still musing about green energy causing some of the Liberals problems in the election, but allowing as to how it might have been beneficail in urban Ont. Since the GEA was not thoroughly debated, I don’t think it helped McGuinty anywhere. Certainly the Mississauga gas fired station was not too popular. I think this just shows more of the G&M disconnect with Ont outside the Toronto area code.

  5. You know, it is really sad that these reporters still do not get it.
    No one, and I repeat NO ONE, is going to allow towering wind turbines that hurt families, pets and livestock, birds, bats and wildlife anymore!!
    There is too much destruction and no amount of money or ‘community engagement’ is going change the landscape. If it possibly could, McGuinty would have had this all ironed out by now….geez Louise, how many times do people need to hear it? People are losing their homes.
    How many have not dropped most of their investment $$’s into their real estate?
    Still hard to understand?
    Take this for an example:
    I have a house on 15 acres for sale in Melancthon. 7 wind turbines within a 1.5 kms…is anyone interested?


  6. If rural Ontario has it’s way, and it’s looking more like it all the time,, Bentley will never get into the premiere’s office…Every time I see his smiling face, I feel like there’s a knife in my back and a hand in my pockets!!! and, he’s not the only one that makes me feel that way !!!

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