C-K Councillors want control

by Trevor Terfloth, Chatham Daily News
Given the land impacts and often controversial nature, Chatham-Kent councillors would like to see more municipal control over wind turbine projects. However, after the recent defeat of a private member’s bill, it is uncertain exactly when that would happen.  The Local Municipality Democracy Act, introduced by Prince Edward-Hastings Progressive Conservative MPP Todd Smith, was rejected during second reading Friday in a 45-32 vote, with the Liberal government and New Democrat members voting against it.  Chatham Coun. Anne Gilbert believes municipalities should have more authority concerning green energy, such as project location and when to say enough is enough.  Read article

10 thoughts on “C-K Councillors want control

  1. People have been quiet lately waiting to find out what would happen at Queen’s Park last Thursday.
    Now they know that 6 years of ant-IWT work got them noplace. They have been bluffed and stonewalled for 6 years. Prepare now for a flood of IWT projects in rural Ontario. There is nothing to stop this from happening now.. The Green Energy Act remains supreme.Backed by the UN,wind developers,and eco-nuts.
    Doubt if the premier is even calling the shots in this situation.

  2. “Gilbert said although Chatham-Kent has become a haven for wind power, it hasn’t experienced the positive economic spinoffs seen in other communities, such as new factories for turbine components” NO KIDDING!! too bad nobody saw that one coming (lots of sarc!!!)

    • Exactly.

      Gee, C-K Councillors, if only SOMEONE would have told you 4-5 years ago the wind industry was a bunch of lying shysters!

      (LOTs of scarcasm, too)

      /fought the Port Alma project way back in 2007
      /wrote dozens of letters to CK Council

  3. I never thought that Bill 10 had a chance but now that it has failed, its time to get the message out.


  4. Are we going to visit Chris Bentley at some point?

  5. Sorry…the article I was referring to was an earlier post “An apology to the children….”

  6. For 5+ years citizens have done everything in their power to educate the C-K councillors about the scam and tax dollar swindle that the wind industry is. That should have been enough to end projects, but no…. and now people are being tortured and getting sick in their homes while all levels of gov’t ignore the harm wind turbines are doing. Anne G might be crying foul now that the new projects are getting close to her backyard, but she was quick to OK all the other projects. Everything council was warned about is now coming true. All local council, and provincial ministers will be held responsible for the havoc they have wreaked upon our once healthy lives.

  7. The big Ontario MSM is protecting the financial interests of those who stand to gain from IWT installations
    The government has painted itself into a corner with IWTs. If any contracts are canceled then there will be breech of contracts lawsuits filed.The only way now is for the government to continue the process of IWT installations. So in effect the government has lost control of this situation.
    The persons responsible for this situation must held accountable.
    What would happen if the governmnent would cancel a Samsung, NextEra, Invenergy,etc. contract?

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