New signs available

These signs were created to give a voice and presence to families being negatively affected by industrial wind turbines.

  • Many are afraid to speak publicly in order to protect the privacy of their children and family members in their community.
    Families in distress continue to be re-victimized by callous and hurtful comments from politicians, bureaucrats, some media personalities and even health professionals.
  • Many fear the loss of property value and the inability to sell if they speak out.
  • Many have been silenced under non- disclosure and confidentiality contracts.
  • We know that at least 130 people in Ontario have responded to WindVOiCe, a community based health survey demonstrating the negative impacts that industrial wind turbine projects have had on their health and lives after start-up of the projects. This number is just the tip of the iceberg and does not capture many others who have reached out for help.
  • We know there are families who, at great personal expense and heartache, have abandoned their homes. Children, teens, adults and senior citizens have been forced to flee their own homes.

With all of the information (including peer reviewed reports) presented to them by respected health professionals and the victims themselves, not one authority in the McGuinty government will acknowledge what is happening to these families in rural Ontario.

Please feel free to hold up a VOW sign on behalf of the many victims who are unable to attend gatherings or who have been silenced.

If you would like a sign, contact
2.50 each will cover the costs.

2 thoughts on “New signs available

  1. Each time I read this sort of line: “not one authority in the McGuinty government will acknowledge what is happening to these families”, I want to emphatically state that I believe the McGuinty Liberals are DETERMINED to keep on denying denying denying that there can be any significant negative effects. They are absolutely ‘Determined’ to stay the course, & they won’t take the blinders off.

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