Open Hearts Society: Love In Time

Cashbox Canada
Right off the top, the best collection of songs about tilting at windmills since Don Quixote dropped his debut album.  A pair of musicians Chris Brown and Eric Schenkman tried going home again to Wolfe Island only to discover turbines in the mist and folks getting all confrontational about the enviro-damage or not.

So they do what musicians do with most everything; they write a collection of songs about the situation, recruit a frontline activist with a pleasing midrange and a killer smile named Sarah McDermott, hustle up some heavy hitters for a backline and out of the kitchen comes Love In Time.

Nine songs written and recorded at the old Post Office on Wolfe Island, inspired by Mother Nature and Human Nature. in collision, primarily over the issue of wind turbines in a rural environment. While it’s not a singles as such album, given the pedigree of the principals, most famously Spin Doctors and Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, there will be hooks on such as the title track and “Freedom”. But the strength of this unit is in its ensemble performance, which is reflected in a song structure that doesn’t allow for much in the way of solos.

With such smooth close –order playing and the rich harmonies and variety of voices, you don’t miss ‘em much and frankly, tunes like “Only Home” and “Pass The Buck” couldn’t be improved upon in any style.

With stellar contributions from drumming legend Anton Fier, Eric’s Spin Doctors bandmate Aaron Comess, Kate Fenner, Sarah Harmer and Joan Wasser juicing up the material, this album could stand as a testament to the sound of roots music in Southern Ontario circa 2011.

Open Hearts Society play The Piston in Toronto’s West end Dec.7