Fee hike proposal on table for turbines in Adelaide Metcalfe

Considering upping building-permit fee to $10,000 from $500 per unit
by Debora Van Brenk, London Free Press
Wind energy companies may have to pay sky-higher fees if they want to set up shop in Adelaide Metcalfe. And the Strathroy-area municipality’s plan is only one of several ways turbine opponents and politicians are showing frustration with what they see as a lack of local decision-making power about green energy. Charging a building-permit fee of $10,000 per turbine – the current fee is $500 – isn’t a cash grab and is intended to be a break-even plan, Adelaide Metcalfe Mayor David Bolton said Monday. Read article

4 thoughts on “Fee hike proposal on table for turbines in Adelaide Metcalfe

  1. Let’s do some math first. 2.5MW or so at 25% CF at 13.5 cents per KWhour = about $750,000 per year. Subract nominal 5% for maintenance, subtract the punny amount the farmer gets. Subtract their annualized financing costs. (I’ve heard $1500 per KW x 2.5 x 10^6/10^3 hope you can follow my math) = $3.75 million upfront = 375,000 annualized over say 10 years. Now take $750,000 – 375,000 – 18,750 maintenance – farmer) They still get a ton of dough for a 10grand building permit.

  2. Thinking some more overnight: By the above crude analysis each IWT will make about $350,000 average profit per year per yr. Multiply by 20 yrs and get about $7 Million overall profit.
    10 grand for a permit is way to small. Start with couple of million $ per turbine for the permit. That money can go into a fund to move affected families to any new spot they want.
    This don’t solve the problem of the phoney finances of IWT’s coming out of the Auditors report, and the senseless depopulation of rural Ontario for the benefit of big cities. Rural Ontario would end up looking like a wasteland with only a handful of towns worth living in. Big farmers can clear the last of the bushe and fence rows that provide any kind of cover for nature to be there, no need considering GM nono-culture crops. This is not the direction to go.
    By the way, if municipalities do have authority to set the permit price, this may be the lever to use to get rid of McGuinty and his evil plan.

    • Totally agree. They wouldn’t even flinch at $30 000. Council needs to understand the risk they are taking when they have to allow these companies into their communities.

  3. I like seeing creative solutions. Charge whatever you can get for the permits. Create somesort of annual fee. Invest that so you can take the things down when the investors have gone.Maybe the developers will finally get the idea that they ARE NOT WANTED.

    Go Adelaide Metcalfe


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