Don’t understand hydro? Don’t worry. Just pay up.

by John Spears, Toronto Star
When Ontario’s auditor-general has trouble figuring out what’s on a hydro bill, what hope do the rest of us have? Jim McCarter has picked apart the entrails of Ontario’s electricity system and told us earlier this week that they don’t make a pretty picture. Or even an understandable one.  Read article

15 thoughts on “Don’t understand hydro? Don’t worry. Just pay up.

  1. Read the comments on this Star article. Seems people have caught on to what is happening with their Hydo bills.

  2. No kidding …dont understand. No problem calculating the power factor on a 3 phase PWM inverter circuit but gave up on the hydro bill a while ago. The you try to confuse algorithm is definitely being used. Makes it even more difficult for small to medium size business which happens to be a large hydro consumer to get a handle on monthly expenses. A 400000 KWh monthly consumption can fluctuate 10 K a month with this Mc-billing on top of the increases and the hst. Tor Star trying to say all governments are to blame, what a joke only used to fluctuate 1 to 3K prior to the last year. Ontario open for business….right.

  3. Of course they are also providing us with this diatribe…–liberals-need-to-do-better-on-conservation-environment-watchdog-warns?bn=1

    Ontario is failing to meet its ambitious targets for conserving electricity, says Environment Commissioner Gord Miller.

    In a 70-page report to the Legislature released Wednesday, Miller praised the Liberals for investing $1.7 billion in conservation programs that have saved ratepayers $3.8 billion in avoided electricity costs.

    However, the environmental watchdog noted this investment only saved 65 per cent of the 2,700 megawatts of peak electricity demand that the government had hoped to achieve.

    “It’s a respectable showing given that Ontario’s targets are among the most ambitious in North America,” he said.

    The report comes two days after Auditor General Jim McCarter warned that Premier Dalton McGuinty’s green energy strategy may not be paying the dividends the government is claiming.

    Of course the word respectable can have many connotations — but which one applies here?

    Rob: Speaking of “Business” — I think it’s monkey business that dominates Liberal Policy…

    • Perverted business to say the least. The other definition Having been corrupted or distorted from its original course, meaning, or state.

  4. Vestas Financial information,
    See the 5 year chart for Vestas stock prices Copenhagen Stock Exchange:
    Jan.1.,2007 Close at Kr 252.50
    Aug.1,2008 Close at Kr 692.00
    Dec.1,2011 Close at Kr 72.85
    In Denmark no coal fired plants closed, consumer electric bills sky high and wind industry way down. Politicos and MSM don’t try to tell Ontarians how great IWTs work in Denmark.
    Vestas to lay off employees in 2012 to save 1 billion Kr by the end of 2012.

  5. No wonder manufacturing jobs have left this province in droves. If someone can’t even decipher their hydro bill, and what it is they are paying for…. Also, the owners/managers of companies talk to other owners/managers of companies from around the world and talk shop. Cost of production is key to get a handle on. One MUST be competitive if you are going to be successful.

    If you as a homeowner feel that you are getting hosed with a hydro bill of a few hundred dollars, guess how factory owner/operators are feeling in regards to their electricity bills? For that matter high electricity rates hurt ALL types of businesses.

    Is McGuinty so stunned that he doesn’t “get” that? Or is his judgement so clouded by “green” that he doesn’t want to “get” it?

    I wish the auditor’s report would have come out before Oct. 7.

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