Australia mirrors our situation exactly

Australia’s most popular radio show host Alan Jones rips wind energy to shreds.  LISTEN

6 thoughts on “Australia mirrors our situation exactly

  1. He mentioned a submission that will be made on Dec 9 that will expose the malfeasance and/or collusion of the government and the industry. I hope we’ll be able to get our hands on it shortly thereafter to see what’s in it.

  2. Have all the governments of the world gone mad?


    • You are correct. He will be the next they try to portray as a buffoon by MSM. The highway is littered with those who have spoken out against the establishment. The likes of Alex Jones, David Icke, Lou Dobbs. If the smearing of character does not work then they get them on tax evasion. If we can only link IWT’s with Christmas trees then we can get some exponential synergy going on. Our worries would be over by Christmas.

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