Dictatorial government in Ontario appalls natives

By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer
An advocate for native hunting rights says the McGuinty government and Ontario municipalities could learn a thing or two about democracy from the Six Nations band council. Bill Monture expressed surprise Tuesday the province can order municipalities and their residents around at will. He contrasted this with deliberations on the reserve, where everyone — young and old — has input and decisions are made by consensus, he said.  “To me, I see you have government rammed down your throat,” said Monture, who prefers to go by his clan name, Karihwanoran. “And the people suffer. If you need any help, contact our government and see what they can do to help you.”  Read article

4 thoughts on “Dictatorial government in Ontario appalls natives

  1. Yes, Mr. Monture, we need your help. We also thank you for what you have done so far; appearing at a number of IWT related events in the past few months and questioning the proponents of IWT developments as well as local municipalities.

    We are very lucky and proud to have you help us with the IWT issues. You see, Mr. Monture, our various levels of government have sold us out. McGuinty doesn’t care and rams the GEA down our throats. Hewitt appears in a Samsung commercial and has signed on to the Vibrancy fund. Travale wrings his hands and says, “what are we to do?” Thanks again.

  2. I can only echo what Petra has said. We really appreciate any help that Mr. Monture can offer. McGuinty could care less what happens to us and while many local governments take a much tougher stand, Haldimand and Norfolk councils just wring their hands and say sorry, speak to the Province, we can’t help you.

    • Thanks wL for sharing that. Thanks again to Bill Monture for stepping up and doing what needs to be done. Come on Norfolk Council. Yes, you have asked for the moratorium, but when you rest on that, and then timidly shrug your shoulders and tell the public that there’s nothing else you can do. You have made yourself a toothless tiger. Perhaps you should grow a pair. Bill Monture could teach you a thing or two in that regard.

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