Green Energy turning Haldimand County upside down: mayor acknowleges

by Jennifer Vo, Regional News This Week
A lot of criticism was aimed at Haldimand County councillors and the mayor last Tuesday from Dunnville residents attending the Haldimand Year in Review open house. “Why do you think you’re going to lose? You guys aren’t willing to fight for anything,” said one resident. The Dunnville resident was responding to Mayor Ken Hewitt’s comments about the industrial wind turbines being a losing battle for Haldimand County.

“How much are you willing to spend legally to take down these four companies?” retorted Hewitt.

He said the four energy companies involved in the Community Vibrancy Fund agreemnet are making agreements with the farmers to erect wind turbines and are following provincial guidelines. He said there’s very little the county can do about it.

Energy came up as a topic several times at the open house and Hewitt acknowleged that the Green Energy projects are turning the county upside down. He said that if the county had any control over this, it would look much different.

Hewitt also made sure to clarify the original purpose of the Community Vibrancy Fund to the residents at the meeting, “The vibrancy fund is not an endorsement, We don’t have the abilty to stop these projects from going” he said. “The misunderstanding is that we gave something up to get it. We didn’t give anything up.”

8 thoughts on “Green Energy turning Haldimand County upside down: mayor acknowleges

  1. the best hope you have is if the first nations get on board Mcguinty listens to them and their aborigional rights trump his

    • We are no different than the First Nations people. Where are our rights? We deserve to have a say too. These are the saddest days of Ontario. Mayors giving up on their positions and citizens. How quickly we have fallen.

  2. He SO endorsed Samsung in their commeercial. Who’s he trying to kid?

  3. With his endorsement of Samsung, he has lost every ounce of credibility. I would gladly take a raise in taxes to fight IWT’s. It would be tax money well spent, I certainly feel that Mayor Hewitt is not fit to be our mayor. He does not listen to the people’s concerns. He has made many of us feel we have no support from our county.

    • I agree Pat , Hewitt is not fit to be our mayor , so many were disgusted at this TV commercial
      with him saying Samsung is good for Haldimand , there is something very wrong about how he
      thinks. He should be fired for doing a commercial with a foreign company while in office .
      – with any all do respect Mayor , you should resign –

  4. Pat you are so right. Put something on his Facebook page and let everyone know how you feel.

  5. The citizens of Haldimand voted for Mayor Hewitt – and I can’t imagine why.
    He must be a good talker.

    Yet, it was ex Mayor – Marie Trainer that spoke out against the gas plant in Mississauga –
    because she knew it was being build to support the wind turbines in Haldimand. And, she was absolutely right.
    With Mayor Hewitt’s support of wind turbines – there’s still the question of –
    where’s the cancelled gas plant going to go?
    Maybe – closer to Haldimand?
    What a pathetic calculated mess!!!!!!

  6. “The misunderstanding is that we gave something up to get it. We didn’t give anything up.” So says the Mayor. When was the last time you accepted millions of dollars from anyone who wasn’t expecting something in return? Did this Mayor just fall off the back of the turnip truck or what?

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