Little storm in the UK yesterday….

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15 thoughts on “Little storm in the UK yesterday….

  1. Tears…of joy! You couldn’t Photoshop something as beautiful as that.

  2. One of my most pertinent questions is…” whose going to pay for the environmental (toxic fumes, etc) damage done to the environment from these prehistoric behemoths when something goes wrong??The M.O.E and the Ontario Government should be slapped with a hefty lawsuit so hard, it would make their heads spin!!! Being in the electrical industry for over 40 years, I , and all firefighters can tell you there are few things more toxic and damaging than the acrid smoke from a serious electrical fire….

  3. Not the first time this has happened.
    Google ‘wind turbine fires’ images

  4. If Harry Chapin can make 30,000 lbs of Bananas famous surely we can immortalize a wind turbine or two…

    I’m up to my ears in a bunch of problems (pun intended) or I would give it a whirl [couldn’t resist].

    Imagine two technicians in the tower — one working — one sleeping in the corner… Would the first wake the second just to see the mashup — cause he ain’t seen an accident like this nohow?

    30,000 lbs o’ mashed turbine…

  5. Cracker!..and cream crackered….monster clean up….shame it wasn’t 5th Nov.
    Maybe the next one …who knows?

  6. A cheap way to decommision a wind turbine, now 600 to go!!
    The farmer will have access to $100000+ worth of steel and copper now because its now on his/her property!!

    • Staff also leaves when lightning is detected within 50 kms of IWTs.

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