Ontario’s Corporate Welfare Addiction

by Chris Vander Doelen, Windsor Star
Premier Dalton McGuinty “opened” a Windsor wind turbine supplier for the third time this week, claiming that his Liberal government’s form of heavily subsidized green energy remains the way of the future. We’ll see. Cynics said the premier was in town only to avoid having to answer the Toronto media’s questions about the terrible review his government got this week from the province’s Auditor-General, who singled out McGuinty’s green spending for special criticism.  Read article

1 thought on “Ontario’s Corporate Welfare Addiction

  1. When the financial information on CS Wind & Vestas Wind is included in the Windsor story on the planr opening a different version of this story comes out. Did Vestas Wind buy 99 towers from CS Wind or did CS Wind only agree to make 99 towers for Vestas?
    Vestas Wind is not in great financial shape with its stock only worth ~ 10% of what it was worth in 2008. Did the province provide incentives to CS Wind as well?

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