Melancthon council seeks cap on wind turbines

By Bill Tremblay, Orangeville Banner
“We can’t just keep putting these things up.” Bill Hill, mayor
How many turbines are too many for a municipality? That’s the question Melancthon council hopes the province will some day answer. The township’s council recently approved a resolution asking the province to set a limit to the number of industrial wind turbines within a municipality. “Somewhere, somehow, there has to be a system that says enough is enough,” Mayor Bill Hill said. “Hopefully, it opens a dialogue door.” Read article

3 thoughts on “Melancthon council seeks cap on wind turbines

  1. Some safety factors so far identified with IWTs:
    1. Wind speed 55 mph and workers must leave
    2. Lightning detected at 50 kms and workers begin to evacuate the area
    3. Flying debris field ~ 1/2 km radius around each turbine
    4. Stray voltage issues
    And rural people are supposed to live under these conditions because the present government says so?

  2. Deputy Mayor White said: “I’m willing to sit down and talk to them and listen to their logic and they can listen to my logic. Hopefully, we can work from there.” None of this is based on logic, sir. Although I wish you the best of luck.

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