Opponents raise red flags about Ontario energy plan

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When Robbie Giles learned of plans to build two 650-foot windmill turbines near his house, he decided to find out what his new neighbours were going to be like.  Giles went to a wind farm south of Kingston and discovered he would likely be aware of the green energy makers all the time. “It’s a constant throb. It’s not noisy but it is constant,” said Giles.

The plans call for 14 giant wind turbines to add to the skyline over fields near Spencerville.

Bruce Albers is one area resident against the project and has found an informal ally in Ontario’s auditor general.

The AG, Jim McCarter, says the province is paying too much and trying to move the project along too quickly. McCarter suggest rushing the green energy plan could cost more jobs than it would create.

“Adding a 650-foot wind turbine 550 metres from someone’s home may not be the most beneficial way to make a more friendly environment,” said Albers.

Environmental groups like Friends of the Earth say the Green Energy Act needs improvement; but they question the resources the auditor general used.

“Some of his material that he’s referring to are reports that are funded by big oil, by Exxon for example so I think there are some questionable parts of the work that he’s put forward,” said Beatrice Olivastri of Friends of the Earth.

Wind turbines are a special concern for residents who will be living near the turbines, especially since it has been blamed for everything from ringing of the ears to heart problems.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Norman Fetterley

6 thoughts on “Opponents raise red flags about Ontario energy plan

  1. Friends of the Earth put IWTs over in the UK. Make Friends of the Earth show where information in the Auditor General’s Report came from big oil. Just drag out the big oil lie whenever needed.

  2. Let’s step back a minute and wonder why big oil corps also invested in wind. It is called the the carbon tax — so trade offs could be made against charges of ‘dirty oil’. Sure they are corps that make a profit, but it was the ‘greenies’ who invented it. The even greedier sports in this ‘green indoctrination’ saw an even more golden opportunity. They produce nothing and make it on trading and their biggest name is Goldman Sachs. Then check out the alumni of GS and find out who is reaping the profits. The likes of Friends of the Earth are being used. They are fools.

  3. “It’s a constant throb. It’s not noisy but it is constant,” said Giles”

    Not knockin’ ya Robbie, but that constant throb can also be very noisy when your living amongst them 24/7. Every day/night the noise varies due to atmosphere, wind direction and speed etc. A trip on 1 day WILL NOT represent noise levels…….and the low frequency assault is not taken into account either.
    I don’t know how many times wind farm dwellers have to explain this but we will contiue until people get it.

    • All very useful observations.

      But PLEASE, folks, let’s call these IWT developments what they are – IWT ZONES

      They are NOT “farms”, nor “parks”

      These words create FALSE images of what
      VICTIMS of INDUSTRIAL WIND TURBINES are experiencing, as you say, 24/7/52 and VERY MUCH depend on meteorological factors such as humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and wind direction

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