Bentley thinks there is no widespread opposition to wind projects in rural Ontario

…And, asked by a Seaforth reporter about protests against wind farms, he cautioned the level of opposition is not comparable to what he described as a widespread distaste for the Mississauga plant. “There are people in these very communities where these (anti-turbine) protests are happening who are proposing the projects,” he said.
by Stew Slater, St. Mary Journal Argus
Energy Minister Chris Bentley confirmed three elements of Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program that are up for assessment as part of a planned two-year review: the price paid to producers; the total amount of generation approved; and the approach to receiving input from the public. Read article

21 thoughts on “Bentley thinks there is no widespread opposition to wind projects in rural Ontario

  1. Bentley should get his head out of his A.. , wake up, and smell the coffee !! What planet is he from anyways??!!

    • Sparky…

      Bentley’s head isn’t up his own A.., crap like this proves that Bentley’s head is stuck way up Dalton’s A..!

  2. I gotta give the guy credit.
    I didn’t think anybody could make Duguid look like a compassionate genius.
    But in comparison …

    The problem with the transmission option is the generation may not be located in your province a whole lot longer.

  3. time for everyone to email his office and let him see just how many people are against this green energy program I did

  4. Bentley’s elusive political answers are so much empty chatter. Even the reporters asking him questions must be dumbfounded.
    He is a combination of McGuinty and Wilkinson plus erstwhile MPP Carol Mitchell and several others MPP’s no longer in office.
    It is obvious their platform still rests on deny, deny, deny and it will go away. If the natives get a little restless, give them some verbal appeasement.

  5. Bentley’s constituency office is conviently located at a strip mall with lots of parking close to one of the busiest intersections in London (Wharncliffe and Commissoners). Maybe its time for the people of southern Ontario to a protest in London West so that Mr. Bentley understands how widespread opposition outside London.

  6. There can not even be a comparison drawn between 1 gas fired power plant in a developed, very urban area and the dozens of proposed and established IWT developments scattered across rural Ontario where in comparison the population is much less. Not only that, the power plant would not generate income for private citizens, but the IWT’s do, so the folks who have concerns about IWT’s have to go up against the landowners who have leases and stand to make between $12,000-$50,000 per turbine depending on where you are in the province and how many MW the turbine is capable of producing. What a dumb thing to say.

    Oh, and let us not forget that politicians tend to listen, focus, pay attention, be concerned about, and care much more if the “distaste” expressed is by citizens who tend to vote a certain way. If Mississauga was already NDP or PC, do you think they would have pulled the plug?!?

    The projected was halted to save a Liberal seat. Nothing more and nothing less.

    But really, are any of us surprised? Make sure you email him, and let him know what you think about his musings on this issue.

  7. My goodness, I have never seen such brazen lying and intention to confuse unwary readers in my entire life. This is just sick.

  8. Has anyone noticed how the retrenched Liberals are now in dense urban locations, not subject to wind projects? Certainly not NIMBY, more like NILBY, Not In Liberal Back Yard!

  9. Mr. Christopher Bentley

    Your comments suggesting that Rural Ontario supports industrial wind turbines does not give credence the outcome of the last provincial election. The fact is that the wind issue denied the Liberal party a majority. The destruction of Rural Ontario with the thousands of slated IWT’s at the hands of the Liberal party will eventually deny your party a victory. Only a matter of time. The evidence is becoming mainstream and your statements will only portray your views on green energy as foolish. You keep discussing patchwork but the liberal attack on democratic rights and proper checks and balances has only made your party thought of as incompetent and dangerous in Rural Ontario. Eventually the urban areas will be aware of this and the Ontario Liberals will be wiped out as they have been federally. Once an individual truly understands the facts about the wind scam your support in urban areas will dwindle. These statements come from a man that was raised in a liberal voting household where the provider was a union member. Based on the the GEA the thought of voting liberal repulses me now. Its too bad the Auditor General’s report was not released prior to the October election. Always next time.

    • Mr Bentley,

      Rural Ontario voters have sent Dalton McGuinty a strong, clear message regarding the unwanted installation of useless, inefficient and dangerous Industrial Wind Turbines in their neighbourhoods.

      The urban population is now beginning to educate themselves on the Liberal’s gross mishandling of the energy portfolio and the poorly conceived Green Energy Act.

      Rest assured, stay this course and your party will be headed for the same oblivion as your federal cousins. For many people, including myself, this couldn’t happen soon enough.

  10. Rob:

    Perhaps you can also direct Mr. Bentley here…

    What do some poor, uneducated, rural, aboriginal or immigrant Canadians have in common with members of Parliament? All are outsiders.

    So concludes a new study of why Canadians don’t vote. There are lessons in it for everyone who wonders how you sustain a democracy in an age of declining civic engagement.

    Samara, a new organization dedicated to increasing active citizenship, conducted a series of focus groups over the summer and fall in which they asked people who considered themselves outside the political process why they felt that way. The respondents were, for the most part, less affluent, less educated, more rural or more likely to be aboriginal or immigrant, and they self-identified as non-voters. They said that whenever they tried to find a daycare space, to get into a job training program, to get a speed bump installed on a dangerously busy street – to engage, in other words, with government – they gave up in frustration.

    Kinda ring a bell or two or three?

    Of Course… maybe they still don’t have the whole story…

    The current policy of suggesting that we shriven by our local climate Charlatan er luna… I mean really a non-starter in the rural wilderness of say Kincardine, Owen Sound or Collingwood… let alone the environs of Lindsay or Kawartha lakes… (let alon Minden Hills).

    The penance thing has proved ineffective at halting the noise of wind turbines, the slaughter of avian animals and the cash drain of Solar Cell “Farms”…

    Of course a few sharp words from even one constituent from say an Oakville or Mississaugua voter can cause even the most formidable of salary sucking pension grubbing MPP’s to literally shake in their riding shoes…

    Most rural denizens have long ditched their local Suzuki for a Hummer… Shriving not needed!

    The peasants ARE revolting — in more ways than one…

  11. Bentley did sign “Friends of Wind” banner in support of wind development along with Carol Mitchell, Brad Duguid, I am sure other MPPs signed. I am so disgusted that the Liberal MPP’s could/would not meet with victims of wind in this province but have time to sign a bogus banner. During the summer our local paper had a picture of Mitchell and Duguid signing the banner meanwhile slamming the door in the victim’s face.They had time for the big smile photo op, no time for reality. They are all emperors with no clothes.

  12. Mr Bentley is singing from the same page as all the former Liberal MPP,S who lost their seats by supporting their boss in Toronto. Keep it up Liberals and you will be in 3rd party status in rural Ontario just like your federal cousins

  13. The present government is trying to sell a load of COW PIES to rural Ontarians and rural Ontarians are NOT buying!

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