CanWEA Lies to the Canadian Senate

by D.W.
On November 30th, The Senate of Canada unanimously backed a motion by Senator Bob Runciman calling on the province of Ontario to institute a moratorium on wind-farm development along eastern Lake Ontario until the impact on birds and bats can be studied. 

CANWEA remains strangely silent on this issue.  A Sunday December 11, 2011 visit to the CANWEA website results in no media release, comment or acknowledgement of this important motion.   Perhaps the answer to the silence can be found in a November 23, 2010 deputation to the Senate Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources.   Mr. Whittaker, Vice President Policy, Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA), testified before this Senate Standing Committee.  The following is an excerpt from that deputation:

Senator Seidman: What does the science tell us about noise?

Mr. Whittaker: ……..”When developers try to figure out where to put turbines, they start with a big patch of land, and then cut out where they are not allowed to put turbines. They figure out where they are not allowed to put them because of noise, proximity to roads, or in places that have a sharp slope. They cannot put them anywhere near any area where there is an endangered species or anywhere where there are potential risks for migratory birds. There are issues around protected areas.” ……..

Mr. Whittaker’s statement is particularly interesting as below is a map depicting the area targeted by Senator Runciman’s motion.  For the most part, the wind turbine developers appear to be only as forthcoming with information as they are mandated to be.  Therefore, the information below may not be 100% accurate, however, to the best of my knowledge, the yellow circles represent actual and proposed Industrial Wind Turbine Installations in and around the area that Senator Runciman targets in his speech.

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