Community Corruption – Ken Hewitt in Haldimand County

Starring Ken Hewitt, Dalton McGuinty, Samsung C&T, wind turbine disasters, the Capital Power Corporation, NextEra Energy Resources, Billions of your tax dollars, & a glimpse of our futures.

3 thoughts on “Community Corruption – Ken Hewitt in Haldimand County

  1. OMiGd….ahhahhahhhhahaaahhaaaaahhaaaahhaaaa….thanks for the comic relief!! And I mean that in a good way!

  2. Hold on a minute! Is it corruption or something else?

    Isn’t this what Smart Growth aka Sustainable Development aka Agenda 21
    calls for, and allows a mayor to do?
    In other words – a predetermined plan, which allows for backroom deals – all in the name of saving the planet.
    Or maybe I’m just crazy – yes, that must be it.
    I’m crazy!
    But – then again –

    isn’t Haldimand knee deep in Sustainable Development?

    When it doesn’t make sense – we can’t all be crazy – can we?

    Who’s kidding who?

    The Mayor of Haldimand isn’t exactly a fan of a proposed Conservative private member’s bill regarding wind and solar-energy projects.

    The bill would restore local power to municipalities to approve or deny wind projects in their own backyards.

    I’m the mayor, and a board member of Haldimand County Hydro…..

    p.s. uh – oh, calls for deep thoughtful analysis!

    • It is possible to have lots of business swing your way and all that is needed is cooperation.

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