Say What??? McGuinty leaves Melancthon mayor confused

By Wes Keller Freelance Reporter, Orangeville Citizen
You can’t blame Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill if you should find him scratching his head in a state of confusion. It seems Premier Dalton McGuinty was unaware of the provisions of the Green Energy Act (GEA), at least momentarily, when he recently passed the buck back to the township on issues such as quarries and wind turbines.

“As the issue of wind turbine development falls under the responsibility of the municipal government, you may wish to continue your concerns to your municipal representative,” the premier wrote in response to a concerned Melancthon citizen.

The mayor, having come through years of a periodic siege from residents, to whom he had been forced to say that the province had stripped away municipal controls via the GEA, was understandably at a loss to explain the premier’s response when confronted with the correspondence.

The citizen’s letter and the premier’s response are on the council agenda for discussion at tonight’s meeting.

Meantime, CAO Denise Holmes said in a phone interview that a call had coe from a provincial representative “apologizing for the error” but that she had asked for the clarification to be in writing and had referred the representative to Mayor Hill.

On Wednesday, Mayor Hill said he did get a call from Jane Glassco at the Ministry of Environment’s Guelph office confirming that the premier’s letter had been in error. But he wants it in writing so it would be available.

19 thoughts on “Say What??? McGuinty leaves Melancthon mayor confused

  1. Well, now we have it on the record! Wind turbines fall under the responsibility of the municipal government. Thank you Premier McGuinty.

    We all know he knows not what he does. What a great example. Can we use this this now as a new directive such as those he commonly issues to his Ministers? Sadly it goes down in history with the rest of his promises (read lies). This was a good one though!

    • A copy of this e-mail was sent to Chris Bently Minister of Energy. So is this e-mail a directive to Chris Bently regarding wind turbines falling under the responsibility of municipal government?

  2. Can we push this a bit further and request that our Health Officer Arlene King issue a medical order to have Dalton McGuinty undergo a “Mental Evaluation” before he gets any more “access” to our tax funds?
    This is definitely a sign that he has become unhinged at the very least and possibly has had a severe stroke that has erased his memory.
    There is something really really wrong here…..and this isn’t a light-hearted sarcastic comment!

  3. Fraudulent claims by McGuinty should be punishable by lawsuit.

    Governments lie but this one looks like it was written by an uninformed speech writer.

    Otherwise, McGuinty is just that himself — a government liar.

    What is the truth? I can’t believe the long trusted Liberals are beholden to profiteering corporations — but with the wind farm issue — I believe it has succumbed. How many Libs have investments in wind farms at the expense of the taxpayer’s pocketbook and environment??

    • ” How many Libs have investments in wind farms at the expense of the taxpayer’s pocketbook and environment”

      Mike Crawley and David Peterson come to mind.

  4. Let’s hope this inspires a non confidence vote. This man is not well enough to be running our province. Surely this letter will be sent to the press. Even the Sun would have a field day with it.

  5. It’s the same old, same old as before.
    His former MOE, loser of many Liberal votes, refused to listen to complaints about IWT’s.
    Mr. McGuinty says they’re IWT’s aren’t his responsibility. Hmmm
    Wind Concerns–keep up the good work, keep the pressure on him, he’s beginning to crack.

  6. This is as bad as a government elected with a “MAJOR MINORITY”!!!
    Citizens of Ontario, are you paying attention?
    And will your remember this at the next election?
    Or is it too late anyway because Ontario will soon be bankrupt?

    • Moody’s Investor’s Services while not downgrading
      Ontario debt, have changed debt outlook from stable
      to negative. Further proof of McGuinty’s mismanagement
      of the Provincial economy.

  7. The top institutional owner and only shareholder holding more than 5% of all shares of Moody’s is Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway, holding a share of ~13% I guess Warren Buffett can then come into Ontario and buy up all the cheap land and run his turbine investments into the ground and obtain great farm land at bargain basement prices. It is all a scam and we will all be losers if we let this continue.

  8. The US has to do something to reverse the balance of payments situation with China. Selling coal could help a lot. This is not good news for “greenies” Neither is the traveling wave reactor to be developed in China by Bill Gates.

    • All this guy would have to pay is the greatly increased cost of renewable energy and he dosen’t have to live with IWTs hovering over him.

    • Hurry up and wait for this, another in a long line of terrific “whatever” moments.

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