South Branch wind opposition group asks for help

The Morrisburg Leader
“It’s so confusing,” said South Dundas Deputy-Mayor Jim Locke, referring to the opposing sides of the wind farm debate.  Council has decided to postpone rulings concerning the requests made by the South Branch Wind Opposition Group at the December 6th South Dundas council meeting. The group won’t hear anything definite from council until January 2012. Leslie Disheau, a spokesperson for the South Branch Wind Opposition Group, presented council with the requests after giving a very thorough, detailed presentation on why Prowind Canada’s plan to build the South Branch Wind Farm, consisting of about 14 wind turbines, should be stopped or, at the very least, roadblocked.  Read article

2 thoughts on “South Branch wind opposition group asks for help

  1. “It’s all so confusing” or alternative energy is good/needed is spoken by people and elected council members who do not understand alternative energy issues or they are trying to have this issue both ways.
    IWT developers will NOT present any negative information to councils or the general public as this would be self defeating to do this. Negative information from IWT developers is a sure way to defeat their own wind projects.

  2. A setback distance if 1.5km is not far enough!
    We live 1.14km and i’m pretty sure if my bed was another 500m in the field across the road i would still be feeling these Adverse Health Affects!
    We have neighbours who are 3km away who have not been sleeping properly since the Kent Breeze Wind Farm came on line!
    Money makes the world go ’round… and there are so many people being blinded by the Green Energy Gold Rush it makes my head spin just thinking about it!
    People won’t get it till they start seeing living creatures flying off those blades daily on the 6 o’clock news, and even then how many will really care till it starts afffecting their pocket books!
    Sadly it will be too late when your hydro bill cost more then your mortgage!
    But what do i know i’m just a NIMBY!
    Actually it’s more like NIABY- Not In Anybody’s Back Yard!

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