Mr. Stevens, sell your nonsense elsewhere

By Ernest Horvath, Owen Sound Sun Times
According to Kristopher Stevens Executive Director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association regarding communities , local councils have control over IWT development. Well I can tell you this many municipalities are trying everything they can to prevent them from coming into their communities. Some are facing threats of lawsuits.

Yes there are some few areas where municipalities can make their area more unattractive to IWT development such as requiring higher development fees , fire and safety insurance , and setting high bonds to ensure the protection of the ratepayer when the times comes for these Turbines to be decommissioned.

But many of these areas are being challenged in court. And for small municipalities that is huge financial burden to deal with.

But what is fact is that at the end of the day , the power has been taken away from the people that have built these communities. I don’t know anyone that lives in the country that would have bought a home there if the home sat near an Industrial Wasteland.

This industry never stops it’s spin , aided in part by the Ontario Liberal government and millions of our tax dollars used for this spin every year. Why ? The profits are enormous in this business because of the prices Dalton McGuinty signed Ontarians on to pay for electricity from this industry.

3 times for wind , 15 times for solar what we buy conventional power for.

Kristopher Stevens wants us all to believe that the Liberals and the NDP under Andrea Horwarth who voted against returning our rightful say in a democratic country did nothing wrong and that we have enough say.

We needed that bill to restore our rights to have a say in what happens in our own communities passed.

The Ontario Liberal party has betrayed us.

As has the NDP under Andrea Horwarth who talks about the little people but votes against them in what is the most important issue we face today in our communities .

The Liberals and NDP have paved the way for any area to look like Shelburne , Ontario.

They both ignore the impact it has had on the lives of the people they claim to care about.

When connectivity is finished these developments will begin making our area and others an Industrial Wasteland like the communities that have already had the misfortune of having councils betray their trust.

So Mr. Stevens, sell your nonsense elsewhere.

5 thoughts on “Mr. Stevens, sell your nonsense elsewhere

  1. This guy has been hand picked by Smitherman and Gang back in the day from York U. to head up a new organization which was funded by the Liberals and other “green orgs” to write up a policy and Bill which eventually turned out to be the Green Energy Act. These students were literally “indoctrinated” to believe beyond any doubt that “Green Is Everything”. The promise for doing this was to be handed a job and huge amounts of $$$$ to make this “indoctrination” a reality!
    From day one this guy and his “green friends”have been nothing more than a bunch of “hand puppets” for the Political and Industrial idiots who are “hell bent” on destroying this once great Province and it seems to be going quite well doesn’t it? Reality and Reason have nothing to do with this guy and his Gang Green. The only time he and his co-horts will ever blink and see how much harm they have done to honest hard working citizens will be the day they are sitting in a courtroom facing a Judge who is beating his gavel in front of them stating in very “real words” “The Court Finds You Guilty………..”!!!!

    • This guy Stevens, is what I refer to as a “carpetbagger”..Him and his Gang Green speak with forked tongues.. What gets me though, is why all these farmers are signing up with these thieves?? Why would anyone want to get in bed with anything the government is promoting??. It usually turns out for the worst, in a lot of cases..Pretty soon, this province will be in a very real financial crisis, not unlike the state of California..

      • Landowners sign up for what they perceive as big MONEY. But they are not informed as to the risks of hosting IWTs on their land. They can be held responsible for any damages and/or injuries caused by IWTs.
        IWT safety issues have been kept hidden form the general public by wind developers and the government.
        Government has told IWT hosts that these are safe machines and not to worry.

      • Carrying insurance won’t stop IWTs from injuring or even killing nearby residents with flying debris.

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