McGuinty Liberals will bankrupt us

By Robert De Verteuil, The Windsor Star
I see that Dalton McGuinty was at CS Wind again recently to announce their opening. This is the third time this year he has visited CS Wind, which means they have now been opened by the premier more times than they have produced any wind towers. No doubt he was trying to distract the public from the auditor general’s recent findings, which show that the Liberals’ claims of 50,000 jobs from their Green Energy subsidy program was nothing more than hot air.

The truth from the auditor general was that only 10,000 permanent jobs were projected, and Ontario will lose at least twice as many jobs than it gains in green energy, due to higher energy prices and job losses in the non-subsidized energy sector.

Considering the same report showed that Ontario ratepayers will be paying $2,600,000,000 more per year to subsidize green energy, this works out to $260,000 in subsidies per year for each permanent green energy job.

I hope Dwight Duncan, Dalton McGuinty and the rest of the Liberal party don’t have any more “job creation” programs like this one. They’ll bankrupt us all.


6 thoughts on “McGuinty Liberals will bankrupt us

  1. My question is why do we have to have an audit after things go into place when it comes to our money and our resources? To me that is ass backwards But then again we have a idiot puppet premier on strings and i know who is running the strings there are a few. The 1 percent, only most of the 99 are still asleep. I think we should pass all the dept charges back to the IMF controllers,bankers, and our idiot leaders that are suppose to help the bosses.In case some of you do not know or not awaken to this news that is us the 99 percent. This premier is not a loyal public servant or employee and needs to get the pink slip and few others of course in this cabinet. Most of us want to know more about our sports teams and the next entertainment features and our jobs if we still have them. .

  2. Does the following description from Wikipedia cover exactly what Dalton McGuinty has become?…..if you agree then treat him accordingly, and that begins with Zero Respect!

    “In common usage, the word “tyrant” carries connotations of a harsh and cruel ruler who places his or her own interests or the interests of an oligarchy over the best interests of the general population, which the tyrant governs or controls.”

  3. Hey! We’ll call it “soft tyranny”…or a “minor tyrant”…or, better yet, “a major bit of minor tyranny”.
    All kidding aside, that definition is pretty straight-forward. Mussolini even claimed that corporatism is fascism”. Is it really any different here?

  4. Well said, folks.

    With all due respect, are you all writing a letter EVERY DAY to EVERYONE who has the power to make changes in our political system BEFORE you check in with your sports teams and entertainment features?

    We ALL have to get off our comfy chairs and DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to change this governance back to democratic form.

    • People who have the power to make changes in our
      political system are the very people who would not
      want any changes made. The political system is
      corrupt and failing at every level. Bureaucracy is
      sucking the very life out of the average person.
      You want change, blow it all up and start over.

  5. CNBC News
    Scroll down to Special Reports:
    Missing $4,155? It Went Into Your Gas Tank this Year
    Based on average 2011 gas at $3.50/gal US this is 8.4% of US median family income. US gas could be $4/gal by spring 2012.
    Ontario gas price here ~ $4.50 gal – $5/gal US so took a bigger bite out of Ontarian’s family income.
    Many Ontarians already in energy poverty when heat & lights are added in.

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