Wind turbine consequences add up

by Rick Lyons, Chronicle Journal
I have to let everyone know what an experience I had in the Ouimet Canyon area.  I went ice fishing with a friend on a small lake that used to be pristine before the wind turbines were installed. These towers stand tall on the cliff sides of the lake. After drilling a few holes for fishing, we settled in for a relaxing day, we thought. The winds were blowing at 10 kilometres per hour and the turbines were turning. Instead of peace and quiet we heard the sound of the turbines. They sounded like jet engines and it was constant. Within a hour-and-a-half I had a headache and we had to leave.
Another ramification to these wind turbines is that access to many small MNR-stocked lakes that we used to snowmobile or quad into are now blocked off to motorized vehicle access. Roads were built on the trails that we used to access these lakes.
There are also No Hunting signs everywhere.

I have been in the area two times this fall and have not seen a deer track or moose track in the snow. This area of land used to be full of wildlife; moose and deer used to thrive in the harsh landscape of mountains and swamps. The only animal tracks that I did see were made by a fox.

If this is what the consequences are, do we really want them here or near our homes? Noise pollution, no animals, no hunting, no access to stocked fishing lakes, power lines and large roads through the land?

This is awful.

And before you get all angry and try to defend these things, I encourage you to go for a ride and get close to these monsters and see how long you can stay.

Rick Lyons
Thunder Bay

7 thoughts on “Wind turbine consequences add up

  1. Oh My God! How disturbing. I knew this effect would be so awful, but your simply spoken letter has to bring to home to everyone! No even disturbing, nor awful, absolutely distressing!
    Shame on the MNR, MOE, and any all the Environmental activists (turned terroists) whose mandate was to enhance and protect the environment. Let them be cut of funding forever!
    The worst hypocrite and offender, David Suzuki! be sentenced to live here!

  2. Aw, poor Rick and his fishing and hunting buddies.

    They had to leave after an hour and a half, aw, shucks.

    What words would you use to describe having to exist in a house surrounded by 18 IWTs all jammed in within a 3 km radius inyour tiny community of ~140 houses?

    It takes all the strength , physical and mental, that I can summon just to stay in bed, try to give my immune system a chance to recuperate just so I can get away as often as possible for as long as possible only to return once again because there is no where else I can go to “sleep”.

    Would you be willing to call that criminal, torture, what……………………………….?

    • Sorry to hear that you have to live through this. I wasn’t looking for sympathy. More about letting people know of the consequences. They were trying to put them in residential areas and wanted people to be informed.

  3. Johana,
    Rick was pointing out one more negative impact. He’s on our side and every recorded experience is valid and important. We don’t all live within 3 km of turbines…yet. We can’t afford to alienate those people who have found objectionable consequences from Industrial Wind Turbines – every opinion is crucial and they all add up.

    • Thanks for the info Rick … another Ontario destination scratched from my “to visit” list.
      Johana, Gaiagoddess is right … let’s not get into the “my misery is bigger than yours” debate.

  4. johana
    Correct me if I`m wrong but, did you not just vote NDP in the OCT. 6/11 election johana?
    If so, you voted for many, many more IWTs to come, and therefore lost your right to complain.
    Like them or not, the Conservatives were the one and only party who were promising to fix this mess.

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