Marcelle Brooks and Mike Mahood tell their story

Ontario’s Green Energy plan has met stiff resistance from many rural residents. They fear the effects nearby wind turbines may have on their property values, health, farm stock and vistas. Reporter Paul Owen went out to Lambton Shores, ON, where the debate is raging hottest.

6 thoughts on “Marcelle Brooks and Mike Mahood tell their story

  1. Green Energy is not Green if it Hurts, You cannot live in a forest of wind turbines when the grund under you is vibrating. The CMOH should do a reality check and/or risk being taken in front of her regulatory body, the college of physicians

  2. Read the 8-K & 10-K reports for Wind Works Power Corp at to view what goes on in the wind industry. These kind of reports should be available for other Ontario companies who sell their stock in the US. And this is legal information and not hearsay.

    • US securities laws are very much more strict than securities laws in Ontario/Canada. Full disclosure must be made in the US inorder to sell stocks and/’or be listed on a US stock/securities exchange.

      • Anything that adversely affects the price of stock traded/sold in the US must be disclosed. Doubt that all the trouble with IWT installations in rural Ontario has been disclosed to the US financial markets

  3. It amazes me how much patience and civility Ontarians possess, almost to a fault. The Wind Industry and the Government take this patient and logical and peaceful approach to matters as “BEING WEAK”!
    That is a huge mistake and they are about to find out why. Wind Companies are now on notice: “YOU ARE NOT WELCOME ANYWHERE IN ONTARIO…….LEAVE NOW”!

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