And to all a good night….

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    • I tell everyone that will listen about the study in Scotland. Scientist were testing to see if industrial utility size wind turbine machines could interfere with their sensitive devices placed in the ground to detect early warning rumbles of earthquake activity. They discovered that the turbine vibrations traveled through 11 feet of clay to the bedrock then traveled beyond 10 miles. They tested no further as that was as far as their testing devices went. To me that should be the end of the debate. It explains why some people are not effected…as some homes would not be on top of bedrock while others are directly on top of bedrock and therefore subject to the vibration..their house would indeed become a conduit for the vibration and infra low frequency sound.
      Merry Christmas to All and a turbine free world in 2012.


  1. The problem is that people are trying to mix science and the law in tribunals and court cases. Since problems with IWTs are new as IWTs were not in use prior to few years back, the scientific studies are incomplete according to some. Tribunals and courts under the law are not allowed to choose which side is right as far as the science goes. They can make recommendations.This is likely true as the full extent of damage IWTs can cause is at present unknown.
    But if victims sue for IWT caused health issues this is a different matter as the arguments among “experts” can’t be used for or against the victims.This would leave the testimony to the victims and the medical people.This is why everything will be done to stop victims from suing for heath damages. The best legal venue for victims would be health damge cases heard by juries where victims would have the opportunity to present all they have through to a jury of their peers.

    • This latest “health”/”noise” study that the governmnet has produced is nothing but BLUFF as the government knows this study will not stand up in court because the scientific “noise” issues are” new” and not yet fully understood nor complete in a legal sense. Also in a scientific sense.
      The government intends to BLUFF their way into forcing IWTs onto rural Ontarians and it’s easy to fool some people with phony studies.

  2. Then folks should have a complete check up before the turbines go up so that they can prove that they were well beforehand. I sent a letter to WPD stating that my health is fine now, I am not on any prescription medication and should I become ill after their turbines are installed I will be suing them for damages. I also had an appraisal of my farm before the turbines come and will be suing them for devaluing my farm. I had it listed for 6 months and only got one offer for half my asking price. This farm was listed according to a comparable listing with a similar view of Georgian Bay. The other 100 acres did not have a house, drainage tiles or income from land rental for crops, YET it only attracted one offer at 1/2 the asking price that was below the other listing. This has all been documented.

    • Melodie,
      I think the proactive approach that you are taking re baseline health check-ups and real estate appraisals is the smart way to go. I have a feeling that this could become the new tool in the kit.

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