Blizzard takes on David Suzuki

Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
Tell us, David Suzuki.  Are you an environmental guru?  Or simply a political hack —kissing the right butts at the right time?  Because if it’s the latter, it brings into question the integrity of your charitable foundation.  A video showing Suzuki and Premier Dalton McGuinty strolling through a Vancouver park was removed from the Liberal website recently, following complaints from a group opposed to wind turbines. Under Canada Revenue Agency rules, registered charities are not permitted to dabble in partisan politics.  Read article

5 thoughts on “Blizzard takes on David Suzuki

  1. [excerpt Toronto Sun, Blizzard] ‘Tell us, David Suzuki.
    Are you an environmental guru?
    Or simply a political hack — kissing the right butts at the right time?
    Because if it’s the latter, it brings into question the integrity of your charitable foundation.’

    [excerpt Guest Column,Vivian Krause] ‘Mr. Suzuki doesn’t mention my name, but the research in the media coverage to which he refers is probably mine.
    Who funds the green movement?–there-s-bad-science-behind-suzuki-s-campaign

    p.s. Yeah – tell us, Mr. Suzuki – what are you?

    • Check out this website and Krause’s article. Urge all readers to do so. Note a very telling excerpt to demonstrate Susuki’s scientific integrity:
      “Surprisingly, as I have explained in David Suzuki’s Fish Story, published in the Financial Post, Mr. Suzuki didn’t uncover the “fact” he said he did.
      In his study, mercury levels were actually higher in the wild salmon than in the farmed.
      The whole study only had eight fish.”

  2. There is a great comment posted in the Sun by Ted Davidson about Suzuki:
    “Well, he was a disgraced scientist fired from his first job in Ottawa for being incompetent. Most people don’t know that but my brother in law’s father was the person that fired him.
    He’s also a geneticist so I’m not really sure how that qualifies him to be a climate expert.”

    I should think that says it all.

    As far as the Foundation goes, when will Revenue Canada revoke this charitable status?

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