Port Elgin CAW Turbine Meeting Packed!

Last night’s meeting was packed with perhaps 200+ attendees. MP Ben Lobb, MPP Lisa Thompson, MPP Bill Walker, ex MPP Bill Murdoch, Deputy Mayor of Saugeen Shores, former Mayor / Bruce County Warden Harry Thede, and some 6 other speakers decried the CAW and MOE. Of course, neither them MOE nor CAW attended the meeting, even though invited.

5 thoughts on “Port Elgin CAW Turbine Meeting Packed!

  1. If the government passed new labour legislation that was more favourable than current CAW contracts, the CAW would go ballistic, and indignantly demand that the new and better provisions apply immediately to all existing contracts.

    In the case of the proposed wind turbine which is much closer to residences than today’s regulations or legislation, the CAW continues to rely on their out-of-date approval.

    The only conclusion that I can come to in this situation is that the CAW leadership are a bunch of hypocrites.

    • Dictatorial bullies actually. They wield a lot of power and like the control. If you want to climb the ladder in the union it’s their way or else, they really don’t like people who think for themselves

  2. Bill as usual your work is remarkable, you’ve done so much to educate people about the problems. Thank you so much

  3. Kudos to Bill Palmer – who never quits,never retreats, just keeps on revealing the truth about turbines.
    Many blessings on you for this.

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