Stop government meddling in power

by Jan Carr And Guy Holburn, Financial Post
The Ontario Auditor-General’s 2011 report identified billions of dollars that electricity customers will pay beyond what is necessary for meeting environmental and other policy objectives in the provision of reliable electricity service. The report painted a picture of inefficiencies and missed opportunities caused by the government ignoring advice from independent expert agencies such as the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). Clear in the report is the increasingly frequent use of “directives” by the government that effectively bypass the objective, transparent analysis that these agencies provide. Read article

1 thought on “Stop government meddling in power

  1. People who post here have uncovered what happend to cause 20 year renewable energy contracts and it isn’t the same as mentioned in this article.
    IESO,OEB,OPA are involved in renewable energy as well and went along with this.

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