Creemore locals not keen on turbine proposal

by Michael Gennings,
CREEMORE – More than two-dozen people were at the Creemore Community Centre on Monday night for an open house regarding a proposal for five wind turbines west of Dunedin.  Skyway 124 Wind Energy Inc., the project applicant, hosted the open house.  Read article

13 thoughts on “Creemore locals not keen on turbine proposal

  1. Local farm, and holiday property owner, Mr Scheetz, is right to be concerned! We need more like him to speak up, and try to educate others who think turbines are good. Also – These meetings should be held on a weekend, when other ‘weekend property owners’ can be available to attend and put forward their concerns. Unfortunately they are not always around through the week.
    Question – Did anybody ever discover WHO is behind Skyway? Or is it still considered ‘need to know basis’ ???? as per the reply to the question asked on Monday night!!!! As per the Hornings Mills meetings, the people who have signed up for the turbines are keeping a very low profile because they know they are not popular, but greed for the ‘supposed’ revenue is the temptation.

    • Skyway 124 owned by Windrush Energy which is owned by Wind Works Power Corp. J.C. Pennie is Chair. Board.
      Board members of Windrush: J.C. Pennie, Robert T.E. Gillespie, Richard C. Pettit, and Barry Cracower.
      Barry Crackower is on Board of Ontario Heart & Stroke.J.C. Pennie is on the IESO Renewable Energy Standing Committee.
      For Wind Works Power Corp. United States Security & Exchange Commission 8-K & 10-K reports go to and use search Wind Works Power Corp 8-K and 10-K Forms. If you read all the reports /K – Forms you will get a good picture of this Corp’s information. Some important information here and these are legal papers and not hearsay.

      • Wow, organizations will lose support for association with such shameful people.

  2. Hello Lynne – here is a link that may help discover who they are:

    Windrush Energy, owned and operated by local Ontario residents, has been
    developing Ontario Feed-in Tariff renewable wind projects since 2003.

    To-day, a single wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power 1,200 homes, eliminating 2,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions by replacing carbon based generation, the same as planting 10,000 trees

    For information on current projects under development with affiliates:

    Ashton Ridge Golf Course 10.0 MW
    Grand Valley Wind Farms 50.8 MW
    Silver Springs, Flesherton 10.0 MW NATENCO, Germany
    Skyway 8 Wind Energy 10.0 MW NATENCO, Germany
    Skyway 9 Wind Energy 300.0 MW
    Skyway 124 Wind Energy 10.0 MW
    Skyway 125 Wind Energy (ZEP) 10.0 MW
    Skyway 126 (Cloudy Ridge) 10.0 MW
    Skyway 127 Wind Energy 100.0 MW

    also see link: (Pattern Energy is Skyway 9 Wind Energy)

      • Hey guess what – from experience, we have learned that it does not matter who they are – the fact that they have got this far and are holding a public open house to tell you what and when they ARE going to do this tells us they are so complacent and confident that it WILL happen. Now – I challenge you all to make sure it doesnt happen! Good luck!

      • Yes, it does matter who they are. Connections are being made and this should be recorded for all in the various places IWTs are installed or going to be installed as all are affected and some people don’t think there are connections among the developers, ENGOs and the government.
        What would happen if a certain charity didn’t get anymore donations? Who would think something like this wouldn’t matter and be big news in Ontario?

      • There are many IWT projects so their ties if any to companies doing business in the US should be posted as they may have had to make make filings with the US Securities and Exchang Commission. So post project and/or company names please so information can be compiled.

    • Wanna buy some Samsung?!! Ha ha.
      In all seriousness, charitable organizations are not charitable when funding something that harms people. Kind of like the CAW against its own members or the teachers union funding arms in war torn countries.

  3. Proponent laughing all the way! – Last Stage!

    The proponent has an Ontario Power Authority signed contract.
    The proponent does not need citizen approval.

    Citizens should demand all municipal councils put a stop to these
    sham – Public Information Centres (PIC) –
    they only move the proponent forward in the compulsory process
    Big deal – community engagement.

    The proponents’ reports are all on-line.
    Evidence why the project should not move forward – also on-line.

    All issues/reports should be forwarded to council.
    Municipal councils should be doing their job. Period.

    Share letter writing info with neighbors and friends.

    N.B. without question participate by sending all your concerns/evidence to appropriate government agencies @ all times. And re send.

    Okay – you can enjoy a ‘home baked cookie @ a friendly PIC –
    – if you can stomach it.
    p.s. You guessed it – I am not a fan of Kabuki PIC’s.

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