Turbine “Literature Review” Dismissed

By Laura Cudworth, London Free Press
STRATFORD – Rural residents who oppose wind turbines aren’t buying a report that says the sound they create poses no direct health risks.The study was conducted by noise, vibration and acoustics experts Howe Gastmeier Chapnick Ltd., which looked at more than 100 reports from Ontario, Alberta and countries around the world, the Ministry of the Environment says.  That didn’t impress Tom Melady member of HEAT (Huron East Against Turbines) and WEPAT (West and East Perth Against Turbines). Read article

7 thoughts on “Turbine “Literature Review” Dismissed

  1. Brian Howe, The H in HGC, has been working for the wind developers for years. He is also a member of CanWEA a powerful lobby group that advocates for wind energy and then the government awards him the RFP for this low frequency report.
    We’ve been saying this for years.
    Government + Developers + Canwea = collusion
    Howe can hardly be considered an independent as he was a delegation to a municipal council on behalf of wind proponents.
    It’s also interesting to note that in the EBR submissions CANWEA and some prominent developers requested that the provincial government not include infrasound/low frequency monitoring in wind regulations and the government complied.
    Why do you suppose this request was made and why do you suppose they agreed?
    C’mon already.
    PS London free press seems to take comments only through facebook. Seems pretty controlling.

  2. Conspiracy to commit fraud, conflict of interest
    they should be in the criminial courts

  3. Environment Minister Jim Bradely heralded the report.
    Yes Jimbo, I too have not been so excited since
    probably the last time I had ice cream for dessert.
    Another waste of tax dollars.

  4. On Monday, The Spectator, the Hamilton dialy newspaper also ran with this story. A “Greenie” city councillor was already touting that this would be good ammunition to get Hamilton City Council to reverse or at least reconsider their moratorium on IWT’s.
    We need people to come out strongly against this sham of a study. I don’t know why McGuinty and his co-horts keep doing these so-called reviews, studies, whatever.
    It may have worked before the internet age, but in this day and age ANYONE with a little bit of time and a computer can verify much of what is supposedly “studied”.

    How much did we as tax payers pay for the HGC study anyway?

    • New so called reports need to be produced to continue the IWT scam. This way the government can point to updated information which supports the falsehood that IWTs don’t cause health problems.
      By the way, the cost of this latest report should be disclosed to the public as public funds paid for this latest scam.

      • Didn’t the tribunal recommend further health studies be done as harm might be caused by IWTs? So the government did new so called “paper” studies and concluded IWTs cause no harm to people. Recommendation complied with and case closed again.
        Fear that rural Ontarians are being led around in circles with these tribunals.

  5. It’s a fine line that separates an “expert” from a “defendant in a negligence lawsuit”…

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