Trillium Fund being used as a slush fund for McGuinty Liberals

Brent Kopperson, Windfall Ecology Ctr; Brad Duguid; Kristopher Stevens, OSEA

CTV News
The Opposition suggests Ontario’s Liberal government may be using a community grant program as a slush fund to reward friends and supporters, just like it did with grants for multicultural organizations four years ago.  Liberal Mike Colle was forced to resign as Citizenship Minister in 2007 after the auditor general concluded millions of dollars were handed out to various ethnic groups with virtually no rules or procedures.

The auditor reached a similar conclusion about grants from the Trillium Fund, repeatedly complaining about a lack of documentation to support who got the money and how it was spent, said Progressive Conservative culture critic Ted Chudleigh.  Read article

2 thoughts on “Trillium Fund being used as a slush fund for McGuinty Liberals

  1. I’m sure there are many people in this group that can assist the PC’s in identifying massive funding that has been “diverted” from Trillium into the pockets of Environmental Non Government Organizations that have basically helped to destroy Ontario’s once affordable and stable Energy Sector.
    Make no mistake. Our own money that has been managed by the Trillium Foundation vis a vis OLG has been a “slush fund” for the the Liberals who prop up the ENGO’s that produce nothing but hardships for Rural Residents with the Industrial Wind and Solar developments.
    Let the investigation begin!

  2. “There is a gap in (supporting documents) there which we definitely are committed to improving,” Chan said in an interview.
    “And once you get the documentation, a lot of answers will come out for the questions.”

    Give me a break. They now have to find the documentation? Is that how they treat taxpayers money going to grants? I would hope that would all be in place the day the money is given over. Pathetic.

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