Creemore Residents not sold on wind farm plan

By Kristen Smith, The Enterprise Bulletin
CREEMORE -Some residents didn’t get all the answers they were looking for at the public meeting for a proposed wind farm west of Creemore, Monday. “There seems to be a lot of confusion,” said resident Sarah Banquier, who became frustrated when a Skyway 124 Inc. representative did not appear to be answering residents’ questions. Read article

3 thoughts on “Creemore Residents not sold on wind farm plan

  1. With all due respect to the young and ernest Katherine St James of Natural Solutions Resources,
    if she thinks any of her input is going to influence, change or improve this project to any degree, she needs to do a bit of a reality check. As if anything labelled “provincially significant” ever significantly modified any of these projects to the betterment of flora, fauna and last but certainly least in many cases, humans.

    Moving IWTs around a plot of land accomplishes nothing … the whole exercise is nothing more than a huge game of chess. Move the IWT away from the wetland toward the endangered species, move it away from these rare plants to over there by the non-participating neighbour’s house. Either way, something or somebody is going to be negatively affected. Let’s quit this sham before it even gets started.

  2. NO one asked about which government/county or local will issue the building permits and just what will be inspected. Only the pad or will other components of the IWTs be inspected? What permits are needed for switching stations and other components of the IWT power system?
    IWTs have major safety issues and they are not fully inspected and IWTs can produce high volatge electricity?
    It’s past time when these inspection issues have not been investigated. Get this information in writing for each IWT development.

    • If inspection records are not available get that information in writing as well. Have records that inspections are not needed and/or have not been done. Complete records for each IWT development. Don’t expect the government to do this for you.

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