Kingston Council decision draws criticism

By Mike Norris The Whig-Standard
City council’s support for a consortium that wants to build and install 100 wind turbines in the Wolfe Island shoals is not going over well with some island residents. At its Tuesday meeting, council voted to endorse the new consortium, which includes the City of Hamilton and Burlington-based Windstream Energy Inc. In 2010, Windstream received a Feed-In Tariff contract from the Ontario Power Authority to build a 300-megawatt project on the shoals. It was the first offshore project in the province to get a contract. Read article

19 thoughts on “Kingston Council decision draws criticism

  1. $850 million for Kingston, nothing for the residents of Wolfe Island or the fish and wildlife of the shoals. Greed, greed, greed. Industrializing natural areas for weak electrical sources. How is this Green at all?!!!

  2. Unbelievable!
    Liberals ‘running slipshod’ – to save the planet –
    – while Ontario – bankrupt!

    It would seem the Port Elgin bird chopper has something to do with attempting to put Wind turbines in the Great Lakes. The Liberal government think they need some outside support to make this happen. They can’t go with the regular paid off environmental groups. At this point any environmental group that supports putting these things in the Great Lakes would lose all credibility in the eyes of the general public. But the Liberals need to find some organization so they find one that owes them.–steelworkers-blow-back-against-wind-energy-ban

    Ontario’s Green Energy Act is making it easier for people and organizations to develop renewable energy projects. New processes and programs are helping Ontario become a North American leader in attracting clean energy projects and green jobs. These include:

    • replacement link:

      Hamilton Steelworkers are joining the chorus of voices calling for an end to provincial roadblocks to new offshore wind energy projects.
      Acting through the Blue Green coalition, a joint venture with Environmental Defence, the union says stopping new wind turbine projects is costing the province 1,900 jobs and denying Hamilton a chance to put unused factory–steelworkers-blow-back-against-wind-energy-ban

    • Kingston’s Ball Game!
      Mark your calenders! January 28th
      ……buy me some ‘peanuts’ and ‘kracker’ jacks!
      David Miller And Community Partners Will Make Presentations

      Sustainable Kingston will hold a day-long Community Forum on the Sustainable Kingston Plan – the community-built plan to make Kingston Canada’s Most Sustainable City on Saturday, Jan. 28 at the Four Points by Sheraton at 285 King St. E.

      ‘Root’ -‘Toot’ -‘Toot’ – for the home team!

      Pre-Consultation for Planning Applications
      To attract new investment and smart growth, the City offers a development approvals process that is conducive to business, responds to emerging investment opportunities, supports good land-use planning and promotes the public interest.

      Pre-consultation meetings have been implemented to streamline the approval process and are required for these planning applications as per Bylaw No. 2007-43:

      p.s. Community Forum – Ha! Ha! Ha!

    • Update:
      Re: Sustainable Kingston Plan
      Saturday, Jan. 28 @ the Four Points by Sheraton at 285 King St. E.

      Go tell it on the mountain – over the hills – and everywhere………
      Sustainable Kingston Plan – the event!

      A clearing in the fog:
      Meet some of the players – Windstream was recently awarded a 300 MW Feed in Tariff contract for its Wolfe Island Shoals off-shore wind project. The project is expected to utilize about 100 turbines and will be located at least 5 km off-shore. Engineering and environmental studies are commencing. Windstream will source local services as much as possible.

      click on ‘individuals’ for more……….Ted Hsu is the Member of Parliament for Kingston and the Islands. Ted is the former Executive Director for SWITCH.

      But first – a day in the life of a ‘political hack’.
      A perfect opportunity!
      Jan. 1, 2012
      2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

      Mayor’s New Year’s Levee

      All citizens are invited to come out and meet Mayor Mark Gerretsen, City Councillors, John Gerretsen, Member of Provincial Parliament, and Ted Hsu, Member of Federal Parliament at the Mayor’s Annual New Year’s Levee

      Location: Memorial Hall, City Hall, 216 Ontario St.

      p.s. the 3 stooges – know everything – saviours of the planet
      p.p.s. this event is free (I hope)

    • The people involved in sustainability and carbon credit trading are only interested in keeping the money flowing into their pockets.
      They have made a good living off from this now for quite some time.

    • A new “green” Ontario economy that is driving Ontarians into energy poverty and businesses out of the province.

    • Let’s get – political – for change!
      McGuinty’s answer to the economy – @ toys ‘R’ Us – soon!

      Al Gore is looking for a few good sustainable games
      “Games are fun,” Gore told an audience at a
      “Gaming For Good” event in New York.

      “I am not saying this as an expert. But looking at the enormous amount of time people are spending playing games,
      I can see that social games for good represent a fantastic opportunity for encouraging change in political and social spaces.”

      Ontario has no legal definition – we assume the government knows
      Billions for ‘green jobs,’ whatever they are

      Buried deep inside a federal newsletter on March 16 was something called a “notice of solicitation of comments”
      from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the Department of Labor.

      “BLS is responsible for developing and implementing the collection of new data on green jobs,” said the note in the Federal Register,
      which is widely read by government bureaucrats and almost never seen by the general public.
      But the notice said there is
      “no widely accepted standard definition of ‘green jobs.'” To help find that definition, the Labor Department asked that readers send in suggestions.

      The notice came only after the department scoured studies from government, academia, and business in search of a definition.

      “The common thread through the studies and discussions is that green jobs are jobs related to preserving or restoring the environment,”

      the notice said. Duh! Beyond that, a precise definition has eluded Labor Department officials.

      Read more at the Washington Examiner:

  3. So is Mayor Mark Gerretsen related to John Gerretsen former Minister of Environment, who was at the forefront of this scandal and is the current attorney general? Prior to that John headed AMO set up to be beholden to provincial decision. Just asking…………….

      • And John Gerretson had a hand in the passage of the Green Energy Act from the get-go.

      • The Association of Municipalities of Ontario….those would be the people who have had their power removed and have to follow provincial policy. It’s been a long planned out sick manipulation of every agency that could be touched by it.

        Screw the:
        #1 Taxpayers
        #2 Innocent families that are being harmed by a seriously flawed policy forced upon them.
        #3 Those municipalities that are being abused by trying to help their constituents and yet being flicked off by the province.

        Some municipal representatives
        Public Health Dept.
        Ontario and federal health ministries
        MOE bureaucrats
        Freedom of Information department
        MPP’s of all flavours who don’t stand up for their constituents. (not all but where are our heros? Why is this still happening?)

        Every government agency has been corrupted. I’m sure I’m missing some obvious ones here but it’s Christmas and I’m going for a walk.

        Merry Christmas and to those who are hurting I am so, so sorry.
        This MUST stop!!

    • Wind developers have gone all over North America selling the fraud that if you let them install IWTs they will build factories to manufacture IWT related parts. This is impossible for this to be done but dumb local governments fall for this anyway because they don’t do their homework when it comes to IWTs. Just dangle money in front of them and they go nuts trying to get the money.

  4. I simply don’t understand why Kingston Council would support this, considering there are so many risks and unknowns about freshwater offshore wind turbines, and when even the provincial government says that there is too much scientific uncertainty to go forward at this time. Why does Kingston Council not share these concerns? What does it know about freshwater offshore wind turbines that the Ontario government doesn’t?

    This is just reckless, and it portrays Kingston Council as greedy, stupid industrialists, just like the worst of ’em.

  5. Mark Gerretsen must have gone to the same “mayoral school” as Mayor Hewitt from Haldimand County. Embrace the big green machine and screw the people who have to live near the IWT developments. Or for that matter the off shore IWT’s for which we don’t know what consequences there might be. Then again we don’t know the diffinitive problems of on shore wind turbines either, although we know some people do experience side affects. But hey, who cares. It is green, right? Of course it is. You guys are just being silly. (please note the sarcasm).

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