CAW’s claim to be caring full of wind

By Jim Merriam, London Free Press
As unions go, the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) is one of the country’s most successful; a body of power and influence.  It’s a union that can inflame a crowd and get hundreds of folks to do its bidding, even at great personal expense.  For what must be the first time ever, the CAW recently has inflamed hundreds all right, but this time the crowd will not be doing the union’s bidding. In fact these people are inflamed against the union.  The issue is the CAW’s plans to erect a giant wind turbine on the site of its “world-renowned family education centre” (their words, not mine) in Saugeen Shores.  Read article

4 thoughts on “CAW’s claim to be caring full of wind

  1. “I can tell you that we have made a concerted effort to engage and inform the community about our planned construction of the windmill
    Our proposed turbine meets all provincial health and safety requirements.”(550meters?)
    “It brings with it so much promise for the future.
    My staff and I are available to answer any further questions you may have about this project, as always
    Ken Lewenza National President Canadian Auto Workers”

  2. “The CAW is ignoring the wishes of the community by building an industrial wind turbine as close as 150m to residential property.
    First and foremost, the CAW needs to hold an open public meeting to honour the community consultation process outlined in the Green Energy Act, a step that has not been taken or offered to the community to date.
    Ben Lobb MP Huron-Bruce”

    In Chatham Kent I have never heard one word of help from our PC federal MP Dave Van Kestern

  3. “A recent article in the Sun Times relating the story of the Port Elgin CAW wind turbine construction has me somewhat perplexed. Did the people of Port Elgin and any other surrounding cities, towns and villages suddenly wake up? Of course it is wrong, but it has been wrong for all of the folks living under them, surrounded by them, with no democratic right to defend their property or their health in rural areas for the last number of years.

    Did the folks in Port Elgin think they were immune to the countryside around them “going green?” Maybe a little pride even when the summer folks from Toronto came for their annual visit.”

    Pauline and Barry Weston

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