Pilot puts wind energy company on notice

By Morgan Ian Adams, Enterprise Bulletin
STAYNER — The owner of a private airstrip west of Stayner has put a wind farm company on notice, should they erect any turbines that could potentially interfere with his runway. In a letter to WPD Canada, and obtained by the Enterprise-Bulletin, Stayner Aerodrome owner Kevin Elwood said the company would be “held personally liable for any aeronautical loss, damage or injury” that could occur should WPD go ahead with its plans to erect turbines in the area around County Road 91. WPD is already under fire from the Collingwood Regional Airport Board, which sent a letter to WPD last week critical of the seeming lack of consultation in siting a turbine within the runway’s approach area. Read article

4 thoughts on “Pilot puts wind energy company on notice

  1. These are notices that each of us living near wind turbines can usher in onto your neighbour that are installing them near your property and to MOE as they are now held responsible to any health problems and the devaluing of your property especially as a precautionary principle as there is enough evidence from victims from around the world . Everyone should present a notice of understanding to these uncaring people. i have done one myself to the MOE as to me they are very much to blame for not stopping this for our protection and then have the nerve to go against us in court who are in place to protect us but protect other corporate interests

  2. “Elwood said WPD’s perceived lack of communication is creating tension and upheaval in the community, as is provincial legislation that appears to allow wind energy companies the ability to go ahead with proposals in spite of community concerns.”

    “It’s pretty frustrating,” he said.

    Welcome to the world of dealing with a wind energy company or the provincial government.

  3. WPD has shown itself to be a callous corporate citizen with no regard for public safety. I am so relieved to see that this pilot has put them on notice of personal liability. These arrogant corporate parasites are in such a race to get to the public trough that they steamroll over local communities with out proper discussion or consultation as we witnessed last week at a so called public open house in Creemore held by Skyway/Windrush whereby they didn’t even have the common courtesy to post the future location of the turbines. Our Clearview Councillor Thom Paterson sent them a notice that the whole meeting was premature as it was incomplete and basically told us nothing. Can you imagine the poor folks living in the area that lie awake at night with worry as to how their life will be changed forever and their home become worthless?
    As stated above these corporate parasites are over zealous in their race to the public trough.

    I believe that since there is so much evidence world wide as to injury to public health that each and everyone of us should consult a lawyer and send a letter of intention to sue the wind developer and the proponent and hold them liable, in the event that our health should be affected and our property devalued. We must stop the madness NOW.

    • You do not need a lawyer to do this ,as lawyers they use a language called legalese that we do not fully understand and prefer you not know and they work in the dark that’s why they the court officials always wear black and lawyers belong to the Law society which we are not part of. But if you want to spend a few hours educating yourselves on this subject of notices and other self help to our so called authorities that work against us and harm us,check out Dean Clifford out of Manitoba and I am sure you will come out a different man or woman. Best information I was ever taught and wish they had this course in a class room. This information is of no use for the people that want to control people as they do not want you to know this stuff..Cheers

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