Local health unit board member rejects wind tower study

By Valerie MacDonald, Northumberland Today
NORTHUMBERLAND — A local health unit board member rejects the findings of an environment ministry study that there are no direct health effects from wind towers. “The study is a year old. I don’t know why they re-released it,” Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit board member Heather Staubles said in an interview this week. Twice she has attempted to have the local health unit call for a moratorium on new industrial wind turbine projects until clinical studies are done on the effects of the wind towers, but has been unsuccessful. The ministry study announced recently is only a review of other studies, plus it is not the clinical study we have requested to be undertaken with people actually living near wind turbines, Staubles said. Read article

12 thoughts on “Local health unit board member rejects wind tower study

  1. This latest government report is just BLUFF. It’s a safe bet that if this new report is brought before the upcoming tribunal the results will be the same. Just arguments by “experts” and the tribunal will make no decision as to whether or not the information contained therein is correct or not.
    This is not settled science by anymeans as to the “noise” effects The full extent of the damages caused by IWTs is still unkown.
    Ignore the government reports on IWT “noise” as this is nothing more than BLUFF.

  2. “The full extent of damage is still unknown” but we and they know there are known health issues,plane and simple. They just want to extent out as long as possible to keep building as many as possible before the cards come tumbling down but with a great profit for some that can run and hide with the money and lives they stole from our communities. We need to understand that we are suppose to dictate to them how we want to go with this not them,unfortunately we forget that they actually are public servants\employees being paid by us not the government. They are doing us harm by continuing this junk science that these are green and of great value to the green crusade in fact it is the opposite and will put us more into slavery to work our asses off to pay for this junk that’s polluting our land our health and destroying our community flora.They have and continue to wreck havoc with this. Time to push a little harder.

    • The whole renewable enery issue is based on politics and ideology which then allows renewable energy developers to take advantage of this situation to become filthy rich at the expense of rural Ontarians. This cabal dosen’t care how much damage they cause.
      Rural Ontarians need to push back with everything they have to avoid becoming IWT victims.

    • So the government has ~100-150 papers to prove that IWTs don’t cause human health problems. It could even take enough research to write several thousand papers/reports on IWT “noise” and its effects on human health to discover the full extent of IWT “noise” on humans.
      The present government thinks that rural Ontarians are stupid when it comes to how much scientific research it takes to prove IWTs don’t cause damage to human health.
      Then they peddle this kind of stuff to the MSM and no questions are even asked.

      • BUT there are > 150 human beings living surrounded by IWTs who are suffering the adverse effects of these mechanical monsters. Given the chance, they would testify as to the nature of their health problems.

        In our neck of the woods, the Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore IWT ZONE, we have been tryign for about TWO years to convince the H-NHU to interview the ~ 70 people who signed a petition to our municipal, provincial AND federal governments saying that they were affected by the IWTs in one way or another AND we needed mitigation of our distress.

        The mills of the gods grind slowly but inexorably. My fear is that with the suicide, death, several heart by-pass surgeries, removal from their homes to Long Term Care residences, escapees from this community of horror, there are fewer of us left behind to bear witness to the criminality of what is happening in this small community of ~ 140 houses.

      • The upcoming tribunal will be limited in scope/parameter as this is the way judicial matters are done and for good legal reasons that some won’t like.
        The scope includes what information the tribunal will include as everything can’t be looked at in a limited time.
        Need to learn what information/evidence will be allowed
        Need to learn who are the parties involved in this tribunal.
        Need to know who will be allowed to testify.
        Need to know who the lawyers are that will represent the parties involved.
        There are other matters but the above are some of the basics.

      • The lawyers will furnish much of the drama and it’s something like watching a jousting match. Try to knock one- another off from their “horses”.

  3. Government as of lately are not there to serve us anymore but to serve corporations that now suck up more and more of our resources for their benefits. There is a Lawsuit started against the Bank of Canada for failing to do its duty which is to print and supply our money to the government at 0 percent interests which they are not doing but letting a foreign company print our money with no watchdogs and have Bankers loan money at compound interests which adds to our dept and ads to our misery to pay more taxes for these rich bank corporations. This all in thanks from the gun of IMF pointed at Paul Martin at the time and the interests are running up and also our freedoms which means more slavery. Geez people wake up these parasites are stealing our money and our lives, this is our government allowing all this to happen and this is why they do not care about these health studies unless you get a mob of people to protest with letters of notices. Most people do not have a clue what the hell is really going on most of us watch the wrong news (Government sponsored news and they are not willing to share these information) Try GRTV news

  4. “• the ministry should consider putting in place a “proven way to measure noise at infrasonic frequencies.”

    The release states that the ministry will seek such a measurement procedure.”
    NOW it should be priority. So infrasonic sound COULD be important?!!! Yes, the residents of Ontario know that this government has ignored their health. The problem does exist and it won’t go away. Get your instruments out and start protecting lives!!!

    • People who are suffering adverse health effects for what ever reason, be it infrasound, stray voltage, low frequency vibrations are considered by IWT Developers and their complicit political cronies to be incidental, collateral damage, all in the service of being green and some vague, mushy headed mission to SAVE THE PLANET.

  5. What needs to be done is .. outfit a large barometric pressure chamber with the software controls to duplicate the barometric pressure waves (infrasound) generated by industrial wind turbines and those same wavelengths amplified by habitation structures .. and then place various human test subjects, hooked-up to medical diagnostic devices, into the chamber for prolonged periods. Perhaps the experimental subjects of such a research program should include politicians, IWT executives and their own family members!

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