Open Letter to the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

From LSARC in response to Press Release from the Office of the ECO
NO ONE with any real grasp of ecology thinks Ontario has anything but a criminal record on environmental issues since the Green Energy Act enabled the industrialization of minimally impacted wilderness and wetland.  “Perhaps it’s a failure in how we develop policy.” Well yes, indeed! Billions have been squandered on bad policy because as the Auditor General of Ontario recently pointed out :

Although the Ministry consulted with stakeholders in developing the supply-mix directives, the LTEP, and the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, billions of dollars were committed to renewable energy without fully evaluating the impact, the trade-offs, and the alternatives through a comprehensive business-case analysis. Specifically, the OPA, the OEB, and the IESO acknowledged that:

  • no independent, objective, expert investigation had been done to examine the potential effects of renewable-energy policies on prices, job creation, and greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • no thorough and professional cost/benefit analysis had been conducted to identify potentially cleaner, more economically productive, and cost-effective alternatives to renewable energy, such as energy imports and increased conservation.

You and the Liberal government are egregiously wrong! There are not just three steps. That essential cost/benefit analysis is missing. Then there is that problematic accountability mechanism to work on so that we have some means to accurately measure effectiveness…

This atrociously expensive experiment with NON-CONSCENTING human subjects and our non-renewable endangered spaces and species has no doubt dampened the public’s enthusiasm for things “green”. though clearly there are some who delight in the misfortune of others…

“The silence from the Ministry of Natural Resources has been deafening” and you are not the only one to notice but they have been told not to comment to those of us asking why our endangered species are being sacrificed to wind technology which has repeatedly been proven, most recently in BENTEK Energy’s WInd Power Paradox, to be too unreliable to live up to the claims made in the sales pitch.

Under your tenure as ECO more and more permits to kill harm harass and destroy habitat of endangered species are being issued and the silence from you is equally debilitating. Perhaps you should accept some blame for the current sorry state of affairs.

Action at Lake Superior Action-Research-Conservation

7 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

  1. Your record, and what you say – matters.

    This deserves dissection:
    scalpel please!

    [excerpt] ‘Or perhaps the public is just too overwhelmed by the complexity of today’s society and can’t deal with these concerns in a thoughtful way.’

    Who’s kidding who? Ugh! Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Personally, I am not overwhelmed – or confused.
    I am a realist and exasperated.
    Put very simply, – I’m pissed off. [emphasis added]

    p.s. Welcome to Ontario – How may I help you?

    • Garbage and trash don’t pay as well as IWTs and solar farms. So most of action/money is going into renewable energy.

      • The loss of economic activity led to most of the loss in demand for electricity and not conservation. Conservation is a tool that dictators use to control the demand of any particular type of goods. Rationing is forced conservation.
        Ontario needs an ample supply of cheap electricity for economic redevelopment.Wind and solar will not provide Ontario with cheap electricity. But then the whole idea is to get rid of carbon based manufacturing in Ontario and any businesses that use large amounts of electricity.
        Ontario is relying on failed energy policies.

    • p.s. Let’s pretend.

      Updated: Wed Dec. 07 2011 4:09:22 PM

      [excerpt] ‘The Liberal government failed to meet virtually all of its conservation targets, reported environmental commissioner Gord Miller.

      “However, the targets were ambitious, and despite the shortfall there was lots of peak energy conserved,” Miller told reporters.

      “Demand was reduced by an amount equivalent to not having to build about three new natural gas-fired peaking plants, and we all know how popular those are.” ‘

      gas plants – Oakville (1) and Mississauga/Etobicoke (2) were cancelled.
      And, the 3rd gas plant cancellation – was where?
      Oh wait – he said, “about three”

      Next: ….more – ‘dreams of conservation’

      [excerpt] ‘Energy Minister Chris Bentley defended the government’s conservation efforts, and said they fit right in with the Liberals’ strong emphasis on green energy to help clean up the environment.
      “We were very ambitious, did a lot, accomplished a lot (and) saved about $3.8 billion in costs for Ontario consumers because of the power we didn’t have to pay to produce,” said Bentley.
      “There’s more work to be done, and I’m looking right now to see how we can achieve those very ambitious targets.”(link above)’

      conclusion: help!

    • This is how McGuinty and the Liberals operate. they campaign on being environmentally conscious and once in power give everything to big business and the hell with the the community environment. Check out these 2 links
      When Maria Van Bommell first won her seat in LKM she and the Liberals ran on not expanding the bitterly contested dump expansion in Watford-Warwick. However once in power suprise, suprise the McGuinty government shoved the approval through and now Watford has the largest dump in Canada and hundreds of industrial turbines proposed for the surrounding area. Is it any wonder that Liberal is now considered a swear word in rural Ontario.

      • All the government cared about was getting rid of waste from the GTA so the voters there didn’t get annoyed. Since there are more votes in the GTA than in rural areas it was a done deal.
        Also the environmentalists in the GTA wouldn’t make a fuss over building incinerators in urban areas if this avenue was proposed
        All politicians care about is sweeping problems under the rug so they can get re-elected.

  2. Barbara…

    If you want cheap, clean, abundant and safe energy [FOREVER!]try this:
    and/or: and it will last this long: (Section IV).

    What our governments actually know about truly “green” energy will scare the pants off you! Don’t forget, the discoveries above were government funded! The most amazing part is that no one is trying to keep this a secret! And we STILL aren’t using this decades old technology! In truth, wind turbines and solar panels are the least of our problems!

    Best regards…

    Sean Holt.

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