CAW; What have we learned?

By Dan Reid, Owen Sound Sun Times
I have followed the debate over the construction of the wind turbine at the CAW ‘Family Learning Centre’ in Port Elgin for the last few months and I must admit that I am left with a dilemma. It’s difficult to clearly ascertain if the CAW is completely uninformed about the concept of wind energy, or they understand the reality of industrial wind but diligently attempt to mislead the community on its virtues. Let me try to illustrate.

About two weeks ago I heard Mr Ken Bondy from the CAW on a CBC morning radio program. Mr Bondy opened the interview with a firm expression of gratitude for his timely appearance given that he had just read a Canadian Press release outlining the ongoing increase of global CO2 emissions. Mr Bondy suggested that this announcement was absolute reinforcement and somewhat of a vindication for the CAW decision to invest in their turbine project and combat this trend. What Mr Bondy is apparently not aware of, or seemed to overlook, is the fact that the accelerated increase in CO2 emissions globally, directly coincides with the exponential rise in industrial wind complexes around the world.

Currently there are over 100,000 turbines operating around the globe. The highest concentration of which are located in Europe. Germany is the most prolific user with over 21,000 turbines in a land space about one-third the size of Ontario. Their rapid growth in operational turbines has occurred over the past two decades, with a four hundred percent increase in installed generation capacity. Unfortunately, there has been no appreciable change in Germany’s world- wide position as a contributor to CO2 emissions. The only year that Germany has realized a notable reduction in emissions was 2010. According to German publications this achievement is attributable to a decline in economic activity throughout Europe with no mention of wind energy. If the CAW therefore, does provide some scientific proof that the Port Elgin turbine has made any contribution to a decline in CO2 emissions it will earn the unique distinction of being the only turbine on the planet to do so. All the best with that!

In addition to public radio, there are a number of written statements describing the CAW’s enthusiasm to invest in a ‘renewable sustainable energy future for Ontario’. Interestingly, once the Port Elgin turbine becomes operational, the CAW can earn as much as 13.2 cents per kilowatt hour for the production of power. Once produced, it will be dumped onto the grid. At that point it becomes a ‘crap-shoot’ as to whether or not the power gets used in Ontario. Industrial wind turbines have a very poor track record for creating power at times when it is not needed and vice versa. However, let’s assume that it finds its way to my house where I will pay anywhere from about 6 to 10 cents per kilowatt hour to consume depending what time of day I use it. Alternatively, it will be sold for export on the spot market at somewhere between 4 and 5.5 cents a kilowatt hour. How does the process of creating a product for over 13 cents per unit and selling it for 30% to 60% less, constitute anything that could be construed as sustainable?

The ambiguity of this notion of sustainability however, need not concern the CAW. Under the direction of Ken Lewenza, President, the CAW has made the successful transition to one of the proletariat with the construction of their turbine. They now own a means of production and as such, have transcended from the working class to the ruling class with their new found corporate peers in the burgeoning green energy sector. In that regard, they can refocus their efforts from negotiation to exploitation and capitalize on what I suspect they always understood about the real ‘greeness’ of their initiative. For those who have united in resisting the development of industrial wind turbines, through legitimate claims about health concerns, decreasing real estate values, desecrated landscape vistas and degraded natural environments, they can be brushed aside as collateral damage by the CAW with their new status and with the complete support of our current Ontario Government.

The CAW has created quite a legacy for the Family Learning Center in Port Elgin. It is certainly not a positive story but unfortunately, a familiar one. So it begs the question; what exactly have we learned?

Regards, Dan Reid

RR#1, Owen Sound

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  1. Let’s take any large obstruction and put it in the center of any highway and make it your problem. That’s what the CAW is proposing with their new wind turbine. It so happens that the turbine is in the direct path of the aircraft circuit for the Port Elgin airport. Aviators flying in to Port Elgin now have to deal with obstruction to flight safety. CAW has been made aware of this and seems not to care. It is sort of like planning premeditated murder in the case of a mishap.

  2. The prevailing opinion around the CAW is that Ken Lewenza wishes he’d never heard of industrial wind turbines. However CAW money (much) has been invested in wind energy and a contract exists dating back to the early to mid 2000’s before their dangers became apparent.

    Well done Dan Reid–excellent article.

    • I had a feeling that Ken Lewenza was in over his head.

      The CAW membership should be calling for his resignation over this.

  3. Hey City folk, Port Elgin and all rural Ontario needs your help
    Cousin Clem, a hillbilly, played a favorite banjo song next to his wife’s belly. .He heard that a good sound could tell if they were having triplets, .His mistake. The doctor laughed and said that there are sounds we cannot hear or feel called “ultrasound” Clem said that he thought “ultra” meant good.
    Unbelievably ultrasound shows us if we had a mini stroke and watch a leaky heart valve. Surgeons use it to operate on fetuses in womb.
    How many of us are like “not knowing Hillbillies” who have never heard of ultrasound’s silent bad cousin, called “infra sound”?
    These massive wind turbines produce it in huge volumes. It makes our innards vibrate. This causes our endocrine systems to over produce. Like nuclear radiation and x- rays, people do not sense it yet wonder why they are ill.
    Uncountable numbers of people abiding within 2 miles of these turbines around the world complain of nausea, vertigo, high blood pressure, headaches, dizziness incapacitation, disorientation, heart palpitations, sleep disturbances, fatigue, apathy depression, and increased blood pressure They are not liars making it up.
    Vibroacoustic disease (VAD) is a whole-new body pathology that identifies diseases from exposure to high amounts of wind turbine infra sound. Permanently disabling diseases include; epilepsy, stroke, neurology, thromboembolism, nerve damage, , fibrosis, mitral valve abnormalities, pericardial abnormalities, gastrointestinal dysfunction, chromatid exchanges cardiac infarcts, cancer, behavior change, even suicide, and altered coagulation.

    Did the Ontario Government rush into these wanting to impress voters that they were smart by looking green? Do they in an attempt to cover up its errors and protect itself state there is no evidence and ignore complaints? Does the Ontario Liberal government think rural people are dumb hillbillies?
    Or are they Cousin Clems when it comes to ultrasound?
    I am not an expert, but somebody in government knows or they would be all over Toronto and the premier would proudly have one on his street. Rural homes are just as urban. Most of Port Elgin is at risk because it is within 2 miles of the CAW wind turbine.
    Manufacturers, operators and property owners and the CAW are subsidized by all of us.
    These cost us 20 cents a kwh which is 4 times more expensive than from our Bruce Nuclear plant. Meanwhile Quebec creates the greenest electricity from their northern rivers at 3 Cents a kwh and sell it at 10 cents to the USA The profit is $2 billion , Our government ignores the 2000 Northern Ontario river sites wasting to the sea
    City folk are like uninformed hillbillies .They will however respond to our distress and how turbines drain their wallets.
    To educate them, we need to educate the uncaring large media. They don’t heed one person’s letter.
    Let rural Ontario organize a campaign and send 100,000 letters to every media outlet asking ongoing coverage to educate and put pressure on the Liberals
    Demand proper open public involved studies of dangers around wind turbines
    Let us also demand a new public [not political] created energy policy,
    Show them we are not a bunch of Cousin Clems.

  4. I’m 100% for the criminal charges part…Don’t forget, it’s the backroom bureaucrats that make the policies.. McSquinty is just going to be the fall guy for all of this..He chose his path, and so ,, he will pay for his/ their decisions, IMHO…

    • Actually, it is McGuinty who is responsible, not the bureaucrats. They have jobs to protect and they will do as he says. The big question is: why has McGuinty held on to
      this carcass of a GEA in spite of all the accumulating evidence that ” this dog won’t hunt”.
      His name will go down in ( local ) history as surely as that of Calvin Coolidge goes with The Great Depression. Has he drank that much of David Suzuki”s Cool-Aid ?

  5. McQuimpy is what I call a Teflon man seems to get away with so much so far ,I think he has a disease. Still cannot believe he is back in office as a Premier. As far CAW they focus on one part and blindfold their eyes and ears to the rest. To get the truth out of them you probably need to use hypnosis for the truth. Call it McQuimpygreennosis disease ,no cure found yet.

  6. Who needs the OMB?

    “[The OMB] are not elected, they’re not accountable, and as far as I’m concerned, we are; the buck stops here,” Ms. Mullin said. “We are in our community, we know our community, and while we may not always support the community in terms of an application, they have the opportunity to get rid of us in the next election… In my view, it’s time to take back the planning.”

    Her motion passed unanimously, as did a related resolution from Councillor Jim Tovey asking the province to conduct further studies on the safety and necessity of the Greenfield South power plant, located in southeastern Mississauga.

    Ms. Mullin said the public is “confused” by the structure of the OMB, which can kibosh city plans by siding with developers in a process she calls “manifestly undemocratic.”

    The motion asks the provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to dismantle the OMB, and to allow council decisions to be appealable to the courts on questions of law only. An amendment from Councillor Ron Starr requests that the province hold public consultations on the matter.

    “There are times when [the OMB process] seems very, very unfair… You have to involve the people,” Mr. Starr said.

    Developers sometimes use the threat of the OMB as a negotiating tactic, knowing they may be able to get more concessions by appealing to the board, Mr. Tovey added.

  7. If anyone has ever been part of an OMB Hearing they would leave feeling like they have just been through “The Inquisition” ( ). The Judge (Adjudicator) that was “in charge” of the one I attended was an “appointed” official who’s full time job was a used car salesman. I was never allowed to say anything negative toward the plaintiffs even though they were guilty as hell of covering up their actions within our town council to force through their agenda. The words “Kangaroo Court” sums it up very well!

  8. Amaranth/Mel OMB hearing saw participants withdraw days before the hearing. Paid off and silenced. There is a huge story just from that one wind farm. Hellooooo investigative reporters…..

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