Reader questions Gideon Forman’s rhetoric

Rare earth mining in China

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In response to the letter by Gideon Forman, Wind trumps nuclear (Dec.26): Forman mention’s “the new study,” but gives noindication of what the study is or who conducted it.  He goes on to say: “Windmills produce no smog, no acid rain, no toxic ash, no radioactivewaste, no cancer.”  I wonder if Forman has ever looked into how these structures are produced and from what they are produced, what their longevity is and what happens to them when they fail. His letter is about as far from accurate as one could get.

Many of Ontario’s residents arereporting health problems they claim are caused by wind-turbine syndrome, butletters such as Forman’s suggest they are all liars or possibly, it’s in their heads. There are way too many persons claiming ill effects by wind turbines, sodismissing them all is not credible.

Green energy? Hogwash.

The only thing green about wind-generated electricity is all the extra green each Ontarian has to pay for this “green energy.” Wind is notoriously unreliable, blowing when not needed and needed when not blowing – which means if the so-called non-green production is cut too much, we’ll not have the capacity needed to heat or cool our homes during severe periods of weather, resulting in the death of vulnerable people when the power fails.

Ian Tuck, Exeter

7 thoughts on “Reader questions Gideon Forman’s rhetoric

  1. Center for Science and Public Policy – Washington D.C.

    In China, the True Cost of Britain’s Clean, Green, Wind Power Experiment: Pollution on a Disastrous Scale
    “the distinctly dirty truth about the process used to extract neodymium: it has an appalling environmental impact that raises serious questions over the credibility of so-called green technology.”

  2. A close relative of mine is a chemical engineer, now retired from Enbridge. The reason they are investing so heavily in ‘green’ energy is so they can sell more natural gas to keep the backup systems running. Apparantly the company stock is doing very well.

    They know that wind turbines and solar do nothing to reduce Co2 emmisions and don’t care..

  3. I wrote a similar rebuttal to an article in the Collingwood Connection in late November. Same rhetoric of facts without substantiation, assertions such as the Ontario FIT program is “the best in the world” and other ostrich like points in the name of saving the world. The incredibly humerous part was that the author of the original article is pro occupy movement and pro-GEA. Of course that’s like standing at the North pole (anto-corporate greed) and South pole (pro-corporate greed) at the same time. I continue to be astonished at the pure number of uninformed authors who haven’t exerted one smidgen of effort to validate their assertions.

  4. The ruminations of this village idiot [Mr. Gideon] are well known and grow more outrageous with every utterance. No publication is doing itself any favours by printing the musings of this proven ignoramus. The ease at which he is constantly rebutted and rebuked by the simplest application of fact lead one to ponder why he continues to rant on so incomprehensibly.

    Perhaps he seeks to amuse us…

    Apparently he is enjoying some success, much like the court jesters of old…

    Enjoy it while you can…

    Best regards…

    Sean Holt.

  5. It would be very interesting to know if Gideon Forman is related to Christiano Forman, Director of Wind Turbine Generator sales for Acciona.

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